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TOP 10 most cleanest and most polluted cities in Israel. The results of the survey

On the website completed survey on the topic of «Maintaining purity in Israel» whose purpose was to determine how to this problem are Russian-speaking Israelis which city they consider to be the most dirty or clean, spare yourself the effort to maintain cleanliness.

The survey was timed to the international Day of purity (celebrated on 24 October). In the course of this week, with the assistance of the Jewish National Fund (Keren Kayemet Le-Yisrael), the international environmental organization Clean Up The World, the Center to local authorities, more than 220 municipalities and local councils organized mass actions to cleaning. Such promotions help to draw the attention of public and authorities to the problem of trash, help children to realize the importance of maintaining cleanliness, to clear significant areas — primarily in parks. However, this is not enough to solve the problem in General.

During our next survey on this topic we also asked readers to send in edition the letter and talk about how to solve the problem of trash in various cities of Israel. Some of these letters are quoted after the results of the survey.

In the survey, which was conducted on October 22-25, attended by 1,689 respondents (1.490 of them answered all 17 questions).


The survey showed that 88% of our readers think that Israel is «not clean» country.

67% agree that the Israeli settlements, as a rule, cleaner than in the cities.

Readers called 10 most clean cities of Israel: Herzliya (15%), RA’anana (10%), modi’in (9,5%), Rishon LeZion (9%), Ashdod (8%), Karmiel (8%), Eilat (8%), Kfar Saba (6%), Nahariya (5,5%), Ramat Gan (5.5 percent).

10 most polluted cities in Israel, according to our readers: Bnei Brak (32%), Jerusalem (21%), Lod (21%), tel Aviv (17,5%), acre (14%), bat Yam (14%), Ramla (11%), Haifa (11%), Umm El-Fahm (8,5%), Petah Tiqwa (8%).

The top five most polluted cities in Israel in recent years has not changed.

Readers were asked to choose five most polluted countries from the list of 50 States. Among them, most often called: India (41%), Egypt (35%), Israel (30%), Russia (21%) and Morocco (12%). Exactly the same «dirty five» was determined by the results of surveys 2010-2016 years.

Five of the most clean countries, according to survey participants: Germany (48%), Austria (34%), Switzerland (28%), Japan (21%), Finland (18%). Israel in this list was in 30th place.

Our readers believe that the responsibility for the maintenance of cleanliness in settlements must bear, first and foremost, the municipalities (so say 89%), local residents (72%), «all together and each in particular» (50%), the company on cleaning of territories (49%), educational institutions (31.5 per cent).

79% said that they personally had to clean the territory around the house or in the recreation area on their own initiative. 86,5% report that they never threw garbage on the street or in the woods. 73,5% said that never during life in Israel did not participate in the collective waste collection.

53% say they had to ask someone to remove the garbage outside their home. However, 39% admitted that they usually pass by if I see someone throwing trash on the street.

To the question «do you Throw away plastic bottles and paper waste in special containers for collection of such waste?» 41% responded «Yes, always» (in 2010 the figure was only 25%), 35% – «generally Yes» (29% six years ago), 8% – «usually not thrown away, because I don’t know where to find such containers» (25% in 2010), 12% are «Thrown away, but seldom», 4% – «Never throw away».

Our surveys show that Russian-speaking Israelis gradually realize personal responsibility for maintaining cleanliness not only at home. But the process is slow and complex state, municipal and public support for initiatives to restore purity could significantly help.

Respondents were asked: «do you Think the right idea to establish in Israel a system of regular collective garbage collection (as, for example, during «subbotniks» in the USSR)?» 38% were in favor, 43% against, 19% undecided on this question.

96% of respondents believe the problem of trash is important for Israel.

23% of respondents said that, in their opinion, over the last 10 years Israel has become cleaner. 30% believe that during this period Israel became dirtier. 37% said that the change in this plan is imperceptible.


Only one of our editorial Board received letters were told about the «pleasant surprise» purity in the city. It was a question about the city of Karmiel, in the North of the country. The cleanliness on the streets and in the courts of this city, noted readers, not living constantly in Karmi’el. Recall that in our «purity rating» of Karmiel was only on the 6th place. You can assume that other cities in the top ten ranking can make a clean and permanent residents, and visitors.

One of the residents of acre wrote that for 28 years unsuccessfully trying to fight for the purity in your area. She noted that especially messy in mixed (Arab-Jewish) areas of the city, and believes that local authorities should pay special attention to the education of youth, to accustom them to cleanliness and to respect the work of janitors.

A letter was received from residents of Central tel Aviv, who said that the municipality destroyed created by the inhabitants of the house 64 the street Nachman landscaped garden, concreted a pad for the garbage cans. But since the garbage is not taken for long periods of time, usually at this point we can now watch the dump. Moreover, the sorting of garbage is not secured.

Most complaints were received from residents of be’er Sheva. In one of his letters littered the «capital of the Negev» is associated with a change of cleaning company. In another letter to the residents of the street Nachum Gutman complain about the excessive number of bins, cleaning of which, like the cleaning of the territory between the houses, the municipality is not paying enough attention. One of the authors writes that to tired from cleaning up after other people, now trying to «ignore» garbage.

The residents of the district Ganey Aviv (Lod) complain that the municipality does not clean the territory in the Park area, for which they are fighting.

We also received complaints about litter in the streets of Afula and the village of Corn.

TOP 10 most cleanest and most polluted cities in Israel. The results of the survey 25.10.2017

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