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Traces of the isotope xenon-133, a fact confirmed nuclear test in the DPRK

Experts from South Korea found traces of the radioactive isotope xenon-133, indicating that its Northern neighbor has conducted a nuclear test. However, accurate information about whether it was a hydrogen bomb, according to Pyongyang, the experts do not yet have.

This is stated in an article published on Wednesday, September 13, the news Agency Reuters.

Xenon – a colorless natural gas that is used in the manufacture of certain types of lamps. However, the xenon-133 is a radioactive isotope that does not occur naturally – it is a marker of nuclear testing.

The nuclear safety Commission (NSSC) reports that ground-based detector found traces of the isotope xenon-133 in the North-Eastern part of the country. The power conducted by the DPRK nuclear test Fee cannot be determined, but experts say that they will not adversely impact on the ecology of South Korea and its people.

Recall that the sixth and most powerful nuclear test North Korea conducted on 3 September this year, the UN security Council during an emergency meeting to tighten sanctions against the country, banning the North Korean regime to export textiles and seafood and limiting the supply of fuel.

Traces of the isotope xenon-133, a fact confirmed nuclear test in the DPRK

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