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Tragedy in Kazakhstan: media put forward a different version – from fighting to arson

The Ministry of investments and development of Kazakhstan reported that Orduhan Sabiroglu, however, the owner and the driver of the bus Kassbohrer Setra, burned Thursday morning in Aktobe region of Kazakhstan does not have a license for passenger transportation.

About it writes on Thursday, 18 January, the Kazakh edition of Sputnik.

We will remind that this morning on the route Samara-Shymkent in Irgiz district burned down going to Russia the bus in which there were 57 people, including two drivers. According to the authorities of Kazakhstan, 52 people were killed, a further five drivers and three passengers managed to escape, they got burns of light severity.

According to the preliminary investigation conducted by the Committee for emergency situations of the Ministry of internal Affairs of Kazakhstan, the passengers were citizens of Uzbekistan, the drivers of the Kazakhs. For the investigation of this tragedy formed a special Commission. Survivors of the accident were given medical assistance by the staff of EN-route medical and rescue points emergency medical Center CES MIA RK

The representative of the press service of the Department of internal Affairs of area Vitaly Sinev reported that the side door of the bus was blocked due to the salon panic, which led to a large number of casualties.

However, in Kazakh and Russian media and discusses another possible version of what happened. The TV channel «360» citing a local journalist Akhtar, Actilea reported that the reason could be a blowtorch with which the drivers warm up a vehicle after a night of frost.

«There is one version of the trucker that the reason is a blowtorch. They warmed up the bus because yesterday we had frost. There was a storm last night. This is such a problematic stretch of road. It is possible that because of this warmed», – leads edition of the words of the journalist.

The newspaper «Izvestia» writes with reference to the eyewitness, the driver that the fire could be triggered by a fight in the cabin: «Now it passed the Uzbeks on the bus was heated with a blowtorch. Someone something they are not divided, kicked the plastic bottles with gasoline, she went on a blowtorch, and immediately all puffed in the cabin.»

Also one of the first versions of the incident, which was voiced by the media, was the burning of the bus, and the publication Sputnik Kazakhstan suggests that the bus could carry a large amount of fuel, not to refuel at gas stations along the way, and that is why the car burst into flames and immediately burned.

Tragedy in Kazakhstan: media put forward a different version – from fighting to arson 18.01.2018

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