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Transgender people have filed a lawsuit against trump, who is threatening to forbid them to serve in the army

Five transgender people, soldiers of the U.S. army, filed a lawsuit against the President of Donald trump, who announced on his page on the social network Twitter that he intended to forbid them to be in military service.

About it writes on Wednesday, August 9, the website of TV channel CNN.

The President explained that the us army should focus on «decisive and final victory» and not in regard to the burden of a «huge medical costs and other disturbances» associated with the service of this category of population. He stressed that this decision was made after consultations with generals and military experts.

This statement provoked sharp criticism from us lawmakers from both parties in Congress and human rights activists have demanded immediately to bring the President to justice and thus to abolish the ban.

The plaintiffs, whose names the publication does not claim that they relied on the current policy of the Ministry of defense authorizing them to serve in the army, and argue that the ban trump, who will cancel their contracts, is unconstitutional.

July 27 the Navy General Joseph Dunford, commander of the joint chiefs of staff of the U.S. army, commented on a tweet of Donald trump, saying: there is no reform in relation to transgender people serving in the armed forces, not planned – the military leadership is with respect to the whole army composition.

Recall that in 2014, transgender appealed to the Ministry of defense to allow them to openly serve in the army. They said that they are discriminated in contrast to the LGBT community, whose members in 2011 were granted permission.

In July 2016, the former head of the Pentagon Ashton Carter lifted the ban on transgender service in the military. According to the research center RAND Corporation, during that period in the US army, with 1.2 million people, served by about 2.450 of transgender people.

Transgender people have filed a lawsuit against trump, who is threatening to forbid them to serve in the army 10.08.2017

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