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«Travel to Israel – at the expense of the Palestinians»: Variety refused to publish this advertisement

The Variety magazine, which covers news in show business, refused to publish ads calling for » do Not support Israeli apartheid,» reported on 23 February, the Jewish news Agency JTA.

The group «Jewish voice for peace» (JVP), advocating for the boycott of Israel, declared yesterday that the magazine allegedly took money for advertising, and then refused to publish, claiming to «soften the tone».

This advertisement under the slogan «a Journey in Israel – at the expense of the Palestinians» calls for nominees on «Oscar» to cancel the trip to Israel valued at 55,000 dollars, which is offered free of charge.

According to JVP Executive Director Rebecca Vilkomerson the decision of the editorial Board of the journal testifies to the rejection of the «constructive public debate about the fate of Israel and Palestine» and bias of the media, «actively engaged in the defence of the occupation».

Thus JVP alludes to the material, Variety published in December 2011, where Pro-Israel activists wondered why Obama treats Israel as a punching bag?

Recall that the Israeli government is sponsoring a 10-day trip across the country to Chris Rock, to the master of the ceremony «Oscar», as well as all the nominees for the best actors and Directors. This is the most expensive gift from the so-called «Oscar package» total cost of 200 thousand dollars that is given to nominees in the acting and directing categories.

Actors and Directors who have accepted the gift, will be paid for the flights to Israel, first class and staying in five star hotels. The voucher will be valid for one year.

To date, this proposal was rejected two nominees – mark raglans and Asif Kapadia.

Apart from the trip to Israel in «Oscar package» this year includes unlimited rent Audi for a period of one year from the company Silvercar ($45 thousand dollars), a 15-day Hiking in Japan (45 thousand dollars), as well as three private sessions with a fitness expert, host of the show «I eat better than you» on ABC by Jay Cardiello. Nominees may also undergo the procedure of laser skin tightening cost 5530$, will receive a lifetime supply of creams from the company Lizora value of $ 31200 and subscribe to the channel for fitness cost of $ 6250.

«Travel to Israel – at the expense of the Palestinians»: Variety refused to publish this advertisement 23.02.2016

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