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Treasure found near highway 1, told the story of the fall of Christian Jerusalem

In the course of rescue excavations before the extension of highway No. 1 in the area of the interchange of Ein Hemed, archaeologists discovered a hoard of nine bronze coins of the Byzantine era. They date from the VI – beginning of VII century of our era.

Coins were minted during the reign of the Emperor Justinian, Mauritius and Phocas. They can see the Imperial image in military clothes, Christian symbols. Indicated and mint place: Constantinople, Antioch and Nicomedia.

According to the head of the excavations Annette Landes Nagar, the treasure was found among the collapsed stones near a large two-story structure. «Most likely, the owner put the purse with the coins located in the wall hiding place, hoping to go back and get it. But this did not happen,» she says.

Discovery allows archaeologists to reconstruct what happened. In the Byzantine period in this place there was a village where pilgrims stopped on their way to Jerusalem. This is evidenced by the ruins of buildings that were previously discovered, including the Church.

In 614 the Holy land invading Persians. «Most likely, it was the invasion of the Sassanid forced the owner of the coin to leave the treasure and run. The invasion undermined the power of the Byzantine Empire in the Eastern Mediterranean,» says Landes Nagar.

The invasion of the Persians was provoked by the overthrow of Mauritius in 602 Foka year. Mauritius, an experienced commander, for many years successfully resisted the Sassanid Empire. He was able to make peace with the Persians and Avars, but was the victim of a conspiracy of its own soldiers. After the accession to the throne Phocas killed his entire family.

It is noteworthy that conquered the Holy land the Persians had originally supported the Jews. The ruler of Jerusalem was appointed Nehemiah Ben Hushiel began preparation for construction of the Third temple. Soon, however, he was killed by rebellious Christians.

In 628, Persia and Byzantium conclude a Treaty by which the land of Israel is returned to the Christians. However, this period of Byzantine reign is short-lived: nine years later Jerusalem would be conquered by Muslim army of Caliph Umar Ibn Khattab and remain under the rule of Arabs until the end of the XI century.

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Treasure found near highway 1, told the story of the fall of Christian Jerusalem 19.03.2017

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