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Trump found the antidote to the «fake press». Review of Russian media

«Donald trump has found a new means of dealing with the American media» is the title of an article in the newspaper «Kommersant», where it is said that losing the information war us media, the US President is trying to reverse the situation, creating a loyal press.

The main weapon against the hated head of the White house «factory fake news» should be its own resource – Real News. A key objective of the new channel will spread positive news about the work of Donald trump, the absence of which, in his opinion, creates a distorted view of its activities.

To date, we have released two videos: the first release was led by the wife of the President’s son Eric is a TV producer Lara trump. The second presenter kaley Makanani, resigned from CNN, which reported that reports that since joining trump in the White house have created more than 1 million new jobs. This information is confirmed by data from the Bureau of labor statistics.

The decision to rent the film by Alexei Uchitel «Matilda» regions will take on their own, said in an interview with news Agency RIA Novosti the head of the Department of cinematography of the Ministry of culture Vyacheslav Telnov.

«The Ministry of culture issues a certificate for distribution throughout the Russian Federation, on the basis of existing laws, and the regions have to decide to show them the movie or not,» explained the official.

Deputy Minister of culture Vladimir Aristarkhov told reporters TASS that the Agency has no right to make an exception for Chechnya in the issuance of rental certificates. «If such a licence will be issued, issue or display of prohibition of painting in the territory of the Chechen Republic should be decided by Ramzan Akhmatovich with local distributors. We have no right to give a distribution certificate with the subsequent withdrawal of it from some of the region», –added Mr. Aristarkhov.

Muscovite , vacationing with his family in the Turkish Alanya in a five star hotel Kirman Hotels Arycanda De Luxe, which staged a photo shoot for the daughter of friends, was beaten by local photographers who considered her a rival, writes Pro-Kremlin «Russian newspaper».

Attempts to understand this situation involving called to the scene of prishestviya representative of the tourist company Pegas was not successful. In the end, the battered woman was forced to pay for the services of «ambulance» And doctors diagnosed the victim of a traumatic brain injury. Russian woman claims that the hotel staff offered as compensation to resettle with her family in a room of a higher class and «forget».

The Ukrainian authorities took the decision to terminated concluded in 2003, the agreement with Russia on cooperation and interaction in exporting military products to third countries, as announced by the Prime Minister of Ukraine Vladimir Groisman.

The decision of the Ukrainian Ministers adopted without discussion, the Cabinet meeting was shown live on local TV channels, reports the edition » «.

In the centre of Stockholm beaten three workers who participated in protests against the expulsion of Svalyavsky refugees who were refused a residence permit, according to «Komsomolskaya Pravda» with reference to the channel SVT and the local police.

About a hundred young Afghans hold protest action near the building of Swedish Parliament for two days. They demand that the immigration authorities of the country didn’t send them home because of the difficult situation in Afghanistan, said in this article.

Trump found the antidote to the «fake press». Review of Russian media

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