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Trump is threatening the leader of North Korea: «This is not a call»

The US President Donald trump on Thursday, August 10, made a strong statement about the threats of the North Korean leadership to attack the American air base on the island of GUAM.

The American leader stated that the Chairman of the state Council of the DPRK Kim Jong-UN showed «huge disrespect» against the United States. «He said terrible things. And I it he will not get away… the Game now is totally different… He’d never say such things, and certainly he will not do that… Let’s see what he will do with GUAM. If it has something to do with GUAM, then North Korea, then it is something that nobody’s ever seen… He will not threaten GUAM, it will not threaten the United States, will not threaten Japan and will not threaten South Korea. It’s not a challenge. It is a statement of fact,» – quoted by TASS statement by trump.

8 Aug Donald trump promised to respond to the attacks to Pyongyang’s «fire and fury, which the world has never seen». Shortly thereafter, the DPRK authorities stated that it weighed the possibility of a missile attack on the Pacific island of GUAM, which hosts the strategic bombers of the U.S. army.

After that, the Pentagon chief James Mattis warned the North Korean authorities about the inadmissibility of war rhetoric and threats, and stated that they will result in the overthrow of the regime and the destruction of the population of this country.

Against this background, many of the world, including Israeli media, discussing the possibility of war against the DPRK, including nuclear, and what are the consequences of this war for the region and the world.

Special attention is given to reactions by the authorities of Russia and China. At this stage, Moscow and Beijing declare neutrality. August 11, the Chinese leadership stated that would not intervene if North Korea attacks first the US, reports Reuters. Earlier, Australian authorities said that they would support US in this development.

The situation on the Korean Peninsula remains extremely tense amid the frequent missile tests of the DPRK and a sharp reaction on the behavior of Pyongyang from the United States.

On 5 August the UN security Council unanimously adopted a decision on new sanctions against North Korea in connection with the recent tests by Pyongyang of ballistic Intercontinental missiles.

A few days earlier US President Donald trump has signed the decree about introduction in the DPRK of additional sanctions from the United States.

July 28, North Korea has launched another missile, which could fall within the economic zone of Japan. According to representatives of the armed forces of South Korea, missile, presumably, ballistic, was released in the direction of the sea of Japan.

July 4, the DPRK authorities announced the successful testing of ballistic long-range missiles which landed in the sea of Japan after flying about 930 kilometers. Before falling into the waters of the sea of Japan, the missile was airborne for 37 minutes. Japanese authorities said the missile fell in the exclusive economic zone of the state (EEZ). Pyongyang first announced the successful launch of an Intercontinental ballistic missile (ICBM), potentially capable of reaching US territory. The launch was made the day before the opening of the summit Big twenty, which the G20 leaders should, in particular, to discuss ways of dealing with the arms race of the DPRK.

Trump is threatening the leader of North Korea: «This is not a call» 11.08.2017

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