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Trump lashed out at the mayor of London: «to put an end to political correctness»

The President of the United States Donald trump published on Monday a series of tweets in which he criticized the mayor of London, Sadiq Khan, and along with the mainstream media, which «help him to sell» a call to citizens to remain calm.

This writes 5 June, the British tabloid The Daily Mail.

«Pathetic excuse mayor of London Sadiq Khan, who was supposed to know better than to say that Londoners supposedly «no reason for concern.» The media also struggled to sell this appeal,» wrote trump on his page on the social network Twitter.

This text was published after the next terrorist attack in the British capital, which claimed the lives of seven people – a third in the last six months. Khan, in response, appeared on television, called the attack «cowardly and barbaric», ordered to strengthen police presence on the streets of London and said that citizens «have nothing to worry about».

In opposition to Trump his former rival, Hillary Clinton has published in social network Twitter words of support addressed to the mayor of London: «After acts of unspeakable cruelty and cowardice of the inhabitants of London and the UK decide to overcome the fear. Your friends in the US with you.»

Trump continued to criticize Khan, writing in his the following «tweet»: «We have to stop being politically correct and focus on the safety of our citizens. If we don’t become cleverer, but worse. At least seven people were killed, 48 were injured and the mayor of London said: «there is no reason to be afraid!»

Press Secretary Khan responded to these tweets, saying: «the Mayor is busy, he works with the police, rescue services and the government, which coordinates actions in response to this horrific and cowardly act of terror. He has more important things to do than reply to comments trump his words taken out of context».

At trump is also against liberal-minded celebrities such as JK Rowling, Katie Couric and others who said that they are ashamed of the words of the President of the United States. They remind that the Metropolitan police killed the terrorists during the eight minutes that have elapsed since receiving the first reports of the attack.

The trump quickly shifted to the problems of American politics and struck the law prohibiting the carrying of weapons. He noted that the London terrorists used firearms, «besting» truck and knives.

The US President has urged citizens to be smart, tough and vigilant: «We need the courts to get our rights. We need a ban on travel abroad as an additional layer of security!» – this was the first reaction of trump on the London terrorist attack.

And then he expressed his solidarity with the people of the United Kingdom, writing: «whatever made US, no matter how we help London and UK, know that we are here, we are with you. God bless us!»

Trump lashed out at the mayor of London: «to put an end to political correctness»

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