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Trump recognizes that the US is «losing the war» in Afghanistan. Review of Russian media

Warsaw threatened to put Berlin the bill for the damage caused during the Second world war, and crimes against the Polish people during the occupation of Polish territory by Hitler’s troops, writes in Thursday newspaper «Kommersant».

The Minister of defence of Poland, Anthony Macierewicz said that his country has never refused reparations from Germany, because from a legal point of view, has every reason from Berlin to demand these payments. Meanwhile, the German government through its official representative Ulrike Demmer made clear that the issue of German compensations Poland closed irrevocably – as with the legal position and the political.

«It is not true that the Polish state has refused the outstanding German war reparations. It was a Soviet colony called the Polish people’s Republic, rejected part of reparations related to again a puppet state called the German Democratic Republic» – said the head of the defense Ministry of Poland, Anthony Macierewicz,speaking in Polish TV.

Council under the President of Russia on development of civil society and human rights (HRC) responded to the letter of «Novaya Gazeta» about the expulsion of the Russian journalist Hudaberdi Nurmatov (alias Ali Feruz). «The HRC recognizes that the family members of the journalist are citizens of the Russian Federation and, consequently, his removal from the country would contradict the requirements of article 38 of the Constitution and article 8 of the European Convention for the protection of human rights and fundamental freedoms» – it is told in the statement published on the official website of the HRC .

Iran has vowed to mirror, respond to new US sanctions. We will remind, on Wednesday, Donald trump signed a congressional law that imposed new restrictions against Russia, Iran and North Korea, according to Thursday information agentstatus.

Tehran has commented on this situation. «We should demonstrate a proportional response to this issue», – said the Deputy Minister of foreign Affairs of Iran Abbas Araqchi, noting that his country was fulfilling its obligations under the nuclear agreement, while Washington’s actions only worsen the situation.

On Wednesday in Damascus was shelled the Russian Embassy. As stated on the official website of the Russian foreign Ministry, the Embassy dropped two shells, two mines exploded in the vicinity of the outer perimeter of the Embassy.The foreign Ministry also noted that there were no casualties, there is very little material damage.

The US Congress is going to force the Pentagon to break concluded with Russia the Treaty on the elimination of intermediate-range nuclear forces (INF), wrote on Thursday the newspaper «Nezavisimaya Gazeta» with reference to the publication Politico. We are talking about the early development of medium-range missiles prohibited by the Treaty of 1987, which at sunset of the cold war, signed Ronald Reagan and Mikhail Gorbachev.

According to this document, Russia and the United States is prohibited to produce, test and deploy ballistic missiles, land-based and cruise missiles with a range of 500 km to 5.5 thousand In the House of representatives are going to require the military to start developing medium-range missiles without a nuclear warhead, although the INF Treaty prohibits the development of any missile.

Siemens said that the loss of revenue because of the scandal with the supply of turbines of German origin in the Crimea can be from €100 million to 200 million, says the Pro-Kremlin newspaper Izvestia. According to the head of the concern Joe KAESER, the company’s management has already taken steps to reduce the damage due to public outcry and is preparing a new package.

Siemens intends to review existing contracts on the supply of German equipment in Russia and to develop new rules of control over the supply.

The President of the USA Donal trump held a tense meeting with his generals about the military operation, which leads to fucking Afghanistan. During the consultations the head of state demanded to dismiss the commander of us forces General John Nicholson, writes «Komsomolskaya Pravda» with reference to TV channel NBC.

According to TV channel, the President is disappointed in the actions of the military command in Afghanistan. He repeatedly suggested the Pentagon chief James Mattis and Chairman of the joint chiefs of staff Joseph Dunford to replace Nicholson because he had «not won the war.»

Trump recognizes that the US is «losing the war» in Afghanistan. Review of Russian media

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