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Trump «understood» the position of Netanyahu, who condemned him under the Protocol

Billionaire Donald trump, the presidential front-runner among Republican candidates gave Sunday an interview with CNN, during which he expressed his feelings toward Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, who condemned his controversial statement about Muslims.

In an interview with TV presenter Jake Tapper, the media Mogul claimed that Netanyahu expressed «moderate dissatisfaction» with his statement, but only within the framework of diplomatic Protocol. Trump is convinced that the Israeli leader could not agree with him and he condemns Muslims. The candidate for presidents of the United States, for its part, is willing to put up with this kind of politics needed in the country.

We will remind that last week a number of Israeli lawmakers criticized the position of trump, they were joined by Netanyahu, which, however, did not cancel on this occasion a meeting with the candidate – he later canceled it himself.

As previously reported, December 7, trump made an unprecedented move of banning the entry into the United States for all Muslims – «as long while those who represent the country, do not understand what happens» after the terrorist attacks in San Bernardino.

This call came during a speech at trump national day (anniversary of the attack on pearl Harbor) in South Carolina, on Board of a warship Yorktown.

He cited the data of sociological polls, according to which a significant portion of the Muslim population of the USA suffers from a hatred of Americans, and about a quarter of respondents agree that violence against Americans is «part of a global Jihad», and half of respondents believe that the Muslims of America should have the right to live under Sharia law.

«Until then while we will not be able to identify and understand the problem and as long as there is the threat that it poses, our country cannot be the victim of a monstrous attack on people who believe in Jihad and are not guided by common sense or respect for human life,» said trump, pojasnili that strengthening his position caused loss of life in California.

Thus, trump has opposed almost all influential U.S. politicians, including President Barack Obama, who after the tragic events in San Bernardino said that this attack should not sow sectarian strife in the country.

Media tycoon condemned the political leaders of Britain, France, Canada and Israel, and Dubai-based company that builds sports complex for Golf, stoiomst 6 billion dollars, removed the trump name from their signs.

But amid this scandal trump regained the title of leader of the presidential race, gaining 35% of votes of the Republicans and their supporters. This is evidenced by the results of a national survey conducted in the period from 8 th to 11th December by Ipsos commissioned news Agency Reuters .

The majority of respondents stated that they are not concerned about such radical statements magnate, only expressing concerns that these proposals will reduce the chances of trump to become the President. Only 29% of Republicans find odious statements of the applicant offensively, and 64% did not see anything wrong in them.

«He says what we all feel» – leads the publication the words of 57-year-old Donna Fi from Missouri, an employee of social services. Donna also believes that Muslims should not be allowed in the country, but fears that a political career with trump will hurt his «straightness». «He ought to be calm and to learn to filter their statements,» says this woman.

A different reaction to anti-Islamic rhetoric trump caused among Democrats, 72% of whom find it offensive. In General, this position is shared by 47% of voters.

Note that the second place among Republicans belongs to retired neurosurgeon Ben Carson, who scores only 12% of the vote. Senator from Texas Ted Cruz and former Florida Governor Jeb Bush received 10 percent.

Trump «understood» the position of Netanyahu, who condemned him under the Protocol 13.12.2015

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