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Trumpism: kicks off in Tehran an exhibition of caricatures of Donald trump

On Monday in the Iranian capital, an exhibition of caricatures of US President Donald trump called Trumpism, which was organized by the same group that was engaged in last year exhibition mocking the Holocaust.

About it writes on Tuesday, July 4, news Agency AP.

Logo of the event was the Nazi emblem with the letter «T» in the middle, encased in a white circle on a red background, and on one of the cartoons of the US President is depicted with a Hitler mustache in front of the Statue of Liberty.

Iranian artist Hadi Asadi, who won first prize and $ 1,500 in addition, said he wanted to draw attention to the «pathological greed and warlike nature» of trump. In his picture of the American leader is depicted in the coat of dollar bills, drool on the books. According to the author, this work is intended to symbolize the attitude of the tramp to the culture that it «treads».

The organizer of this exhibition Masood Shoi Tabatabai explained that the term «tropism» to remind the audience about Nazism, and gave as an example the ratio of tramp to the media and refugees.

This exhibition, which will be operational in the coming weeks, includes 1.614 works of Iranian and foreign artists from 74 countries, among which was and the United States.

In particular, the caricature of American Robert Jones shows the two covers of copies of Time magazine: one with a picture of trump and the other with Adolf Hitler. Trump says to Hitler: «It is a great honor,» and he concurs in German.

Trumpism: kicks off in Tehran an exhibition of caricatures of Donald trump 04.07.2017

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