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Trump’s visit to Riyadh: sabre dance on the hundreds of billions of dollars

The first results of the visit of US President Donald trump in Saudi Arabia are the main topic discussed at all international, Arab and Israeli media.

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These publications illustrated with photos, which shows how king Salman bin Abd al-Aziz al-Saud presents Trump the order of king Abd al-Aziz as the President of the United States and the king of Saudi Arabia sign agreement on multi-billion dollar deals, as trump participates in a traditional sword dance.

Trading hundreds of billions of dollars

According to the BBC, may 20, the United States signed with Saudi Arabia shopping deals at hundreds of billions of dollars.

The TV channel «al Arabiya» and other Arab media are paying special attention to the fact that trump has signed an agreement on deliveries of arms of Saudi Arabia in the amount of 110 billion dollars, which increase the defense of this country, who fear the domination of Iran in the region and war in Yemen.

It is reported that the agreement allows Saudi Arabia over the next ten years to buy US weapons worth $ 350 billion.

Saudi authorities plan to purchase a missile defense system THAAD, warships of the coastal zone (Littoral Combat Ship), satellite system management and control, combat aircraft F-15, unified tracked platform Bradleys, self-propelled artillery M109.

One of the giants of the American military-industrial complex Raytheon and the Military industrial Corporation of Saudi Arabia have agreed on strategic partnership in the field of development of systems of air defense of the Kingdom, and «smart» weapons. Under the deal, Raytheon establishes the Kingdom wholly owned by a legal entity Raytheon Arabia, reports TASS.

Signed an agreement to build in Saudi Arabia, 150 us helicopters Blackhawk. The contract amount is estimated at $ 6 billion. With the implementation of the transaction, involving the construction of the plant will create about 450 jobs.

It is also known that the American company General Electric signed with Saudi Arabia deal for $ 15 billion.

Signed a cooperation agreement in the oil industry at $ 22 billion.

Signed a cooperation agreement in investment field, according to which the Kingdom will invest $ 40 billion in infrastructure in the United States.

A summit of regional leaders

On Sunday, Donald trump will deliver a speech at a summit of regional leaders in Riyadh.

The text of his speech, which referred to the need to combat extremism in Islam, the media quoted before trump took the podium.

It is expected that among the main regional threats to the trump called «Islamic state» and Iran.

It is expected that he will also speak about the settlement of the Palestinian-Israeli conflict, but will not offer any concrete and immediate steps.

The headlines of Israeli and Arab Newspapers

The headlines of Israeli Newspapers Sunday show an ambiguous attitude of the local press to the visit of Donald trump to the middle East. «Israel a-Yom» published an exclusive material on the tramp under the title «I love the people in Israel.» At the same time, the newspaper «gaarets» opens the room with the title «trump gave to the state, which was accused of the 9/11 terrorist attacks, modern weapons worth billions of dollars.»

«Yediot Ahronot» quoted speech trump «the Fight against terror – a battle between good and evil.» «Maariv» writes about the desire of the President of the United States to resolve the Palestinian-Israeli conflict: «trump wants to reach an agreement within 16 months.»

Leaving London Saudi newspaper «al-Hayat» on page withdrew $ 350 billion. The Saudi newspaper «Okaz» headlined the main material: «In Riyadh write the story again».

Another Saudi newspaper, published in London, «Al-Sharq al-Awsat,» the major made the title «the tramp and the allies are thinking how to stop Iran».

On the other hand, the Syrian state news Agency SANA writes: «the Saudis have opened the wallets in front of the American President.» And the website of the Lebanese TV channel «al-Mayadin» results in the reaction of the leadership of Hizbullah: «Your summits we are not afraid, the victory will be for resistance.»

In General, in Israeli and Arab media have published many details about the tour trump, schedule visits, discuss how was dressed and how he kept his wife and daughter at official receptions in Riyadh.

Trump’s visit to Riyadh: sabre dance on the hundreds of billions of dollars 21.05.2017

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