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«Tu-154 exploded in the air»: Poland resumes the investigation of the tragedy near Smolensk

The Polish government has announced that it is resuming the investigation into the cause of the crash of Tu-154 near Smolensk, which occurred in 2010, the victims of which became the President Lech Kaczynski and representatives of the highest leadership of this country.

About it write on Thursday, 4 February, foreign media reports referring to news Agency Reuters.

Recall that the results of the previous investigation, testified that the cause of the accident was pilot error, however, which came to power in the recent elections the party «Law and justice», headed by the brother of the lost President Yaroslav Kachinsky, adheres to other point of view. In their view, to the tragedy caused the explosion on Board the aircraft.

The Polish defence Minister Anthony Macierewicz said during the briefing that the plane broke up in the air before falling to the ground. The Minister claimed that the State investigation Committee of Poland has a detailed report on the work of the instrument liner whose data show that the plane started to fall apart at 15-18 meters from the ground surface.

Macierewicz told reporters that a new government Commission on aircraft accident investigation, which would investigate the cause of the crash near Smolensk.. according to the press Secretary of the Ministry of bartłomiej Misevich, the Commission will convene for its first meeting in early March.

The head of the Polish defense Minister criticized the work of his predecessor, who «ordered the investigation in the hands of others», «accepted the conditions imposed» and were not included in the report «the Russian responsibility for the incident,» resulting from the public concealed a number of facts that fundamentally changes the view of these events». Among the destroyed, according to the Minister, the documents of the 400 reports that were delivered to the Polish General staff on 10 April.

In the expanded Commission, headed by the engineer Vaclav Barcinski includes both former members and new, including the Russian economist Andrei Illarionov. Again, experts will examine all circumstances of the tragedy starting with the repair of Tu-154M in Russia and ending with the last seconds of the flight.

We will remind, the plane Tu-154 of President Kaczynski crashed in Smolensk on 10 April 2010. In the crash of an airliner killed 96 representatives of the Polish leadership, including the President of Poland Lech Kaczynski and his wife. The victims ‘ remains were identified by Russian experts and then transported to Warsaw and handed over to the relatives for burial.

Note that last year Anthony Macierewicz was at the center of an international scandal. The British newspaper the Guardian reported that in 2002, during his tenure as interior Minister, Macierewicz gave an interview to the nationalist «Radio Maria» and during the conversation insisted on the authenticity of the «Protocols of the elders of Zion» – a forgery that served as the pretext for anti-Semitic acts.

The Minister claimed that plans for world domination by the Jewish community are still relevant and have a good reason. That speech drew the attention of the senior scientific employee of the University Collegium Civitas Punk Raphael, a well-known fighter against racism and xenophobia in Europe.

«The party called «Law and justice» defends this anti-Semitic discourse. It is regrettable that today the promotion of conspiracy theories receives approval at the highest level», – with these words the scientist commented on the appointment of Mazarevica.

«Tu-154 exploded in the air»: Poland resumes the investigation of the tragedy near Smolensk 04.02.2016

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