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Turkey chose Russia to block NATO. Review of Arab media

The Agency Maan reported that the Human rights organization Human Rights Watch made the Israeli banks in the black list of organizations that Fund illegal settlement activity. It is argued that there is no law requiring them to lend money to settlers – they do it by choice.

The London newspaper «al-Rai al-yum» analyzes the Russian-Turkish agreement to supply Ankara is antiaircraft-rocket complexes With-400. According to the newspaper, this means that Turkey began a withdrawal from the bloc of NATO, which is 55 years old, and began to get closer to Russia.

The Jordanian newspaper «al-Dustour» introduces readers to the chief of staff of Russian forces in Syria, General Lapshin, according to which government forces control 85% of the country. According to him, the military action will continue until the complete destruction of the «Islamic state» and «Jabhat EN-Nusra».

Agency SANA talks about the findings in the Tehran agreement, according to which Iran will be involved in rebuilding war-damaged power system in Syria. In particular, in the province of Latakia will be built a new power plant. The contract speaks to the role to be played by Iran in Syria after the end of hostilities.

The Iraqi channel «Al-Sumaria» reports that Prime Minister Haidar al-Abadi invited the leadership of the Kurdish Autonomous region to Baghdad for talks. He stated that it is unacceptable to divide Iraqis along ethnic or religious principles, and the output of the Kurds from the United States detract from what has already been achieved.

Turkey chose Russia to block NATO. Review of Arab media 13.09.2017

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