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Turkey: closed polling stations began counting votes

Turkey closed the electoral participation and the counting of votes in the historic referendum, which was undertaken to strengthen the rule of President Recep Taip Erdogan and his party. The vote count can be monitored online on the website of the official news Agency Anadolu.

For the publication of the preliminary results election Commission of the country should lift the ban on the publication of this information. From the field there were reports of mass fraud, but polls indicate a slight advantage of proponents of a new approach, writes news Agency Reuters.

A package of amendments to 18 articles of the Turkish Constitution implies that the President becomes the head of the state system, he will be endowed with the power to appoint Vice-presidents, Ministers and senior officials. The Prime Minister will be abolished. Decisions on the establishment, dissolution, powers, responsibilities and structure of the ministries will be determined in accordance with the decrees of the President. Right on the Declaration of state of emergency will be received by the President, approve the decision of the President on the state of emergency will be Parliament. The head of state will be able to publish and the other having the force of law decrees, which will enter into force without the prior approval of Parliament, but they can be canceled if lawmakers in the future they will reject.

The President will not be able to leave the ranks of his political party, as provided for in the current Constitution. Increasing the number of MPs – c 550 to 600. The age limit for candidates for elective posts be reduced from 25 to 18. Canceled the practice of re-election, introduced the system of «spare» members. Decision on repeat elections can be taken as the Parliament and the President. Elections to the legislative and Executive authorities will be carried out in one day. Parliament and President are elected for five years, the head of state can hold office for not more than two consecutive terms.

Erdogan on the eve of the referendum said that the vote for the extension of its powers in the referendum will be the best answer «fascist and violent» Europe, which the President of Turkey in recent weeks fiercely criticizes the nationalist and religious positions, recalls the site

Among the major initiatives of the President – the return of the death penalty as the highest punishment. In the EU, stated that Turkey will have to forget about EU membership after the approval of such a law.

The last before the referendum, the polls show a slight advantage of proponents of a transition to a presidential system (46-47% to 43-44% against). Thus, of crucial importance will be the votes of the remaining approximately 10% of voters who decide his will at the last moment.

Many political analysts say that, whatever the results of the referendum in Turkey, the referendum is fraught with aggravation of the political confrontation in the country.

Turkey: closed polling stations began counting votes 16.04.2017

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