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Turkey intends to establish in Syria ten-kilometer security zone

The Deputy head of the Turkish government Algin Akdogan said that Ankara intends to create on the Syrian side of the border and a security zone width of 10 kilometers. On its territory, in particular, will be the town of Azaz, were subjected to a massive Russian bombardment.

This measure should prevent Kurdish militias take control of the border area. «The goal of the game waged by the Kurds to change the demographic situation. Turkey will not participate in this game,» he said.

Ankara Kurdish militias called terrorists, accused of carrying out ethnically cleansing – the expulsion of the Arab and Turkmen population. In the Turkish government believe that the purpose of this policy is to create on Turkish border Kurdish state formation.

On the territory of Turkey is about 2.6 million Syrian refugees. Tens of thousands expect that they will be let into the country. As noted, in the case of the fall of Aleppo to the border will go at least 600,000 people.

Turkey intends to establish in Syria ten-kilometer security zone 17.02.2016

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