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Turkey introduced 300 soldiers and 20 tanks to Iraq to help the Kurds

The Turkish military claimed that it had sent several hundred soldiers to Iraq to prepare the fighters of the Kurdish militia «Peshmerga», participating in the battles against the terrorist organization «Islamic state».

Turkish military source told the news Agency Reuters that the soldiers arrived in Mosul under Basico. The exact number of troops is not called. According to some reports, there are at least 300. The soldiers brought with them armored vehicles — 20 or 25 tanks.

The Iraqi government, for its part, stated that he believes the arrival of Turkish soldiers by the military invasion and demanded an immediate withdrawal from Iraq.

According to Ankara, is the rotation of a battalion of trainers «Peshmerga». But Prime Minister Haidar al-Abadi said that Turkey violated Iraqi sovereignty.

Mosul has become the largest Iraqi city seized by terrorists IG in 2014.

It should be noted that, although the Turkish government feels the threat the Syrian Kurds and «the workers’ party of Kurdistan», with the Iraqi Kurds, Ankara has good relations.

Turkey introduced 300 soldiers and 20 tanks to Iraq to help the Kurds 05.12.2015

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