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Turkey refused to impose anti-Russian sanctions

Turkey’s President Recep Tayyip Erdogan said that the country will not impose retaliatory sanctions against Russia. According to him, Russia remains a strategic partner, and her leadership is driven by his emotions.

«Russia’s actions unworthy of a sovereign state. Turkey cares about its merit. We will not conduct a dialogue in their language – they have to use ours», — he told journalists returning from a summit in Paris.

He also said that no sanctions will be imposed against living in Turkey for Russian citizens. «Taking responsive measures, we have no right to overstep the law», — stressed Erdogan.

According to the President, Turkey is ready to stay without Russian gas, which meets 60% of the country’s needs. «We are not afraid of difficulties, we are used to them. We managed without this gas,» he said.

After Turkish military aircraft was shot down near the border with Syria Russian su-24 bomber, the Turkish government made several attempts to establish a dialogue with Russia. Erdogan expressed regret for the loss of the pilot. President Vladimir Putin insists on the apology, expressing that Turkish leaders refused.

On 1 December, Russia banned the import of Turkish agricultural products. Previously were banned from employment in public institutions of Turkish citizens and terminated a Charter air service between the two countries.

Turkey refused to impose anti-Russian sanctions 02.12.2015

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