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Turkey signed an agreement to purchase the Russian s-400

Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan after his return from Astana told reporters that Ankara made an initial payment for the Russian anti-aircraft missile complexes C-400, RIA Novosti reported with reference to Turkish newspaper Hürriyet.

«Our friends have already signed (agreement) at the C-400. As far as I know, was paid the first installment. The process will continue with the transfer of the loan from Russia. And I, and Mr. (Russian President Vladimir) Putin is determined on this issue,» said Erdogan.

Information about the signing of the agreement in an interview with TASS was confirmed by the Russian presidential aide on military-technical cooperation Vladimir Kozhin. «The contract is signed, preparing to run. You know, the s-400 is one of the most complex systems, consisting of a set of hardware, so there are a lot of nuances. I can only guarantee that all decisions made under this contract strictly in accordance with our strategic interests. In this connection, we fully understand the reaction of some Western countries, who are trying to exert pressure on Turkey», – quotes Agency the statement Kozhin. He also noted that in these systems there is a queue: «This is a country in Southeast Asia, the Middle East and some member States ODKB (the Organization of collective security Treaty). Applications a large number of, a number of countries shows a substantive interest in this system.» However, said Kozhin, is a very expensive technique, so not everyone can afford to buy it. «The current contracts for these systems are fully loaded enterprise that produce them», he added.

Recall that back on April 28 of this year, Turkish foreign Minister Mevlut Cavusoglu said in an interview with the Haberturk newspaper that Moscow and Ankara have reached an agreement in principle on the supply of Russian anti-aircraft missile systems s-400. At the same time, negotiations began about the price and terms of payment.

Cavusoglu noted in the spring that the decision to purchase the s-400 was made after the partners in NATO have refused to put Turkey’s modern missile defense system.

The question of the supply of Turkey, the s-400 was also discussed on 3 may at the meeting of Erdogan and Putin in Sochi later.

About the Turkish-Russian negotiations on the supply of s-400 is known from November 2016. Then that such talks are ongoing, said the Minister of defence of Turkey Fikri Işık, who expressed the hope that, owing to Turkey’s multilateral negotiations, «NATO countries will show greater initiative, and Turkey will be a system that meets the requirements of the Alliance,» the statement reads. The head of the defense Ministry of Turkey underlined that Turkey would not ignore the proposals of Russia and seeks to establish its own production of such systems.

Currently, s-400 provides the security of an aerodrome on the basis of Hamim in Syria, where deployed Russian combat aircraft and in the airspace over the rest of Western Syria. During the conflict between Moscow and Ankara the Russian military and politicians said that this system can be used, including, for the destruction of the Turkish military aircraft.

The defense Ministry stated that it does not intend to leave these systems in Syria after the operation against the group «Islamic state» and «Jabhat EN-Nusra».

In August 2016, the Iranian defense Minister Hossein Dehgan said that Moscow has offered Iran to buy s-400. But he later issued a statement saying that Iran has no plans to buy these complexes.

Russian s-400 «Triumph» entered service in 2007. It is designed for destruction of aircraft and enemy missiles. The range of SAM is around 400 kilometers. Until this system is armed with the Russian army only.

Turkey signed an agreement to purchase the Russian s-400 12.09.2017

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