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Turkey to impose the death penalty

Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan said that after the referendum on the introduction of presidential Board of the Turkish Parliament will consider a law imposing the death penalty.

«After adoption of law it will be forwarded to me for signature and I will sign it immediately,» said Erdogan, speaking at a rally in the city of Canakkale in Western Turkey. The audience greeted the words of the head of state cheers.

The death penalty was abolished in 2004 under pressure from the EU. Western leaders called it a necessary condition for the accession negotiations of Turkey to the EU. Prisoners awaiting death, was pardoned and sentenced to life imprisonment.

On the restoration of capital punishment in Turkey spoke after the failure of the coup in July 2016. The authorities laid the responsibility for organizing it on a «terrorist group Gulen», but the Fethullah gülen has maintained his innocence.

Statements of Turkish leaders has angered European politicians, again reporting the unacceptability of such a country aspiring to join the EU. However, at this stage, Erdogan is more interested in the dialogue with Europe, and to strengthen personal power.

Turkey to impose the death penalty 19.03.2017

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