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Turkey: we won’t run for Israeli gas that Israel needs to persuade us

The Turkish side demands to provide «unrestricted access» to the Gaza strip to assist, and to agree to any restrictions in this matter, said sources in Ankara.

Shlomo Cesana in «Israel a-Yom» reported that Turkey insists on opening in Gaza of a mission, but Israel is not going to comply with that requirement.

In turn, Serkan Demirtas wrote in the newspaper Hurriyet, which according to government sources, the issue of members of the Palestinian terrorist organization Hamas in Turkey for talks on the normalization of relations with Israel was not considered, contrary to reports by Israeli sources. On this information, this information was published to influence public opinion in Israel.

The publication also reported that the group Hamas welcomes Turkish-Israeli rapprochement as it hopes to help in the rebuilding of the Gaza strip. Moreover, according to Turkish sources, almost all international mediators, including the U.S., agree that Hamas should participate in the negotiations and in the settlement process. Israel rejects the possibility of negotiations with Hamas.

Ankara also claims that there will be «running for Israel» for gas, and that the Israeli side needs to reach agreement on Turkey’s participation in the construction of a pipeline to transport Israeli gas to Europe. Besides, still not finished the demarcation of economic zones in the Eastern Mediterranean, therefore this issue will require further discussion. In any case, the gas talks were not discussed during the dialogue on normalization of relations.

Turkish authorities claim that the deal could be concluded in 2013, after the Israeli government apologized for the interception of the Mavi Marmara. But the leaders of Israel felt that corruption scandals and protests that swept Turkey, overthrow the authority of the «Party of justice and development», besides, the coup of Abd al-Fatah al-Sisi in Egypt gave reason to hope for the emergence of a strong Israeli ally in the region, so Jerusalem has frozen the process of normalization. After the elections the new government Netanyahu lost interest in contacts with Turkey.

Turkey also is not going to stop to criticize Israeli policy, despite a likely normalization of relations.

On the eve of a Turkish court ruled that Israel must pay the equivalent of 89 thousand dollars, the Islamist, who was injured during the interception of the «freedom flotilla».

Previously, the parliamentary leader of the Israeli opposition Isaac Herzog («the Zionist Camp») was told that is unacceptable «Erdogan’s presence» in the Gaza strip.

As previously reported, the agreement on normalization provides for the following: the return of the two States ambassadors, cancel any claims against officers and soldiers of the IDF, the Israeli compensation Fund for those affected in the clash on Board the Mavi Marmara in the amount of 20 million dollars, the willingness of Turkey to counter any terrorist activity on its territory, the ban on entry to Turkey Salah Aruri, a known Hamas activist who according to some reports, was the initiator of the kidnapping and murder of three Israeli teenagers in gush Etwine in the summer of 2014, Turkey’s agreement to lay the pipeline through its territory and the immediate start of talks to sell Israeli gas to Turkey.

The Turkish side argues that not all of these conditions are discussed in the agreement on normalization, and that Ankara had not waived the claim to lift the blockade of the Gaza strip.

Turkey: we won’t run for Israeli gas that Israel needs to persuade us 26.12.2015

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