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«Turkey will get what they deserve». Review of the Russian media

Israeli company Spacecom satellite communications announced the final loss of the Russian telecommunication satellite development «Amos-5». About this company today informed the stock exchange of tel Aviv in a special letter, informs news Agency TASS.

«Turkey will get what they deserve» – so the article published this Wednesday by the newspaper «Kommersant». This article States that the sanctions of Russia against Turkey which cover the construction industry and tourism, can be extended to the hotel business, timber processing, training pilots, and government contracts in any industry.

According to the author, it is, in fact, about stop the import of works and services – ban on Russian legal entities to conclude contracts with the relevant Turkish partners. To monitor the application of sanctions will be the Rosfinmonitoring, with the participation of the Central Bank and the government will have the right to regulate the situation in manual mode, introducing those or other exceptions.

In the article «no one should be faced with a choice between a dictator and a terrorist» journalists «Kommersant» summarize previous meetings in the Kremlin, Putin and Kerry. The latter said after this conversation, which lasted three hours instead of one that the US no longer put in the forefront the question of the removal from power of Syrian President Bashar al-Assad.

The parties agreed to confirm resolution of the UN security Council to the Vienna agreement on Syria reached at the talks on 13 October and 14 November. On Friday, December 18, according to foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov, who took part in these negotiations in new York also will host a regular support group meeting Syria on the level of foreign Ministers.

The response of the U.S. Secretary of state John Kerry on the issue of isolating Russia, given at a press conference after talks in Moscow, means that the head of the American diplomatic Department has publicly abandoned the policy of isolation of the Russian Federation. About it the official representative of Russian foreign Ministry Maria Zakharova said on his page on the social network Facebook.

«Tehran asks the price to the Lower Volga region» the article published on Wednesday, «the Independent newspaper». Politicians and businessmen of the Islamic Republic attract profitable transport logistics of the Astrakhan and Volgograd regions, as well as meat production of Kalmykia. In turn, lower Volga regions are estimated using the Iranians to stop the negative effects of socio-economic crisis.
At the same time through economic projects going on and strengthening the political position of Iran in the Lower Volga region. Contribute to as the tacit consent of the Federal Centre and the economic crisis, making the lower Volga regions responsive to Iranian investment initiatives. Obviously, Astrakhan, Kalmykia and the Volgograd authorities expect with profitable partnership with the Islamic Republic to stop the negative phenomena in the regional economy, referred to in this material.

Saudi Arabia announced the formation of an Islamic military coalition of 34 countries to rebuff international terrorism. The allies stressed that will compete not only with militants in the middle East, but also with other extremists who threaten their countries. Honored scientist of the Russian Federation Georgy Mirsky in an interview with journalist NG explained that the lack of the coalition in Iraq is that the country is struggling with the IG, and the most capable of forming on its territory Kurdish and Shiite militias, but not the government troops.

Moscow has stated that it is impossible to compare the recent incident with the attack of a Turkish fighter F-16 bomber su-24 HQs of Russia and shot down in 1983 over Soviet territory the Soviet military Korean Boeing. «The Turkish side it would be nice to see a long the South Korean aircraft over Soviet territory. Elevated to the plane-the infringer fighter jets tried to provide assistance in the withdrawal of South Korean Boeing in the coming airfields. Let Ankara will analyze the actions of their planes, what they were trying to do in this situation», – quotes the newspaper Izvestia» the representative of the Russian foreign Ministry Maria Zakharova.

After the defense Ministry published a clear and comprehensive evidences for the existence of nettraffic from the territories controlled by terrorists, DAYS, in Turkey, President Recep Tayyip Erdogan, who was accused of purchasing and reselling cheap oil militants, accused of buying the oil of a citizen of Russia and Syria. The Turkish leader referred to the US and in one interview called the name of the person who allegedly is involved in oil fields in Syria. «Izvestia» found George Hesuani and found out who first accused him of trading oil, why didn’t he get the order from the Pope and that the businessman is suing in Brussels.

In 2015 France has canceled four shows of the film «Crimea. The path to the Homeland», organized by Gosfilmofond of the Russian Federation. They were to be held in Strasbourg in July, in nice in September, in Cannes in November in Bordeaux, on December 11. For various reasons, the municipal authorities of France have cancelled screenings or recommended not to conduct. On this edition said the representative of Gosfilmofond in France Oleg Akishin.

The President’s press Secretary Dmitry Peskov not confirmed that Prosecutor General Yury Chaika provided with «full immunity» on Wednesday, December 16, reported Russian media citing sources close to the leadership of the Kremlin. «No, plan no immunity. As you know, is also no one untouchable» – leads the Agency of

«Turkey will get what they deserve». Review of the Russian media 16.12.2015

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