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Turkey withdraws troops from Northern Iraq

The Turkish government announced the withdrawal of troops located in the area of Mosul Iraqi military base Basika. This decision was taken under pressure of the US administration. The Turkish foreign Ministry claims that the cause of the conflict was a misunderstanding.

«Turkey supports the sovereignty and territorial integrity of Iraq and recognizes that it is not smog to reach an understanding with Iraq on presence of Turkish troops are training Iraqi forces for battle against Islamic state», — reads the statement of the Foreign Ministry.

The Turkish authorities report that, understanding the fears of Iraq and in order to preserve unity in the fight against «Islamic state», they withdraw troops from the province of Nineveh. If this does not specify whether all troops will be withdrawn and in what time frame.

Recall that the official Ankara has repeatedly denied the accusations of the Iraqi government, according to which the military presence of Turkey in the Mosul area violates Iraqi sovereignty. President Recep Tayyip erdoğan ignored and the Prime Minister Haydar al-Abadi at the UN.

«Iraq has every right to file a complaint, but the government of this country is disingenuous. We can’t afford to wait for the invitation of the Iraqi authorities to stop the attack on our country. Such luxury is unaffordable for us,» stated a week ago the Turkish President.

However, on 19 December, President Barack Obama called Erdogan and demanded to withdraw troops from Iraq, and also to respect in future the sovereignty of this country. The American leader demanded that the leadership of Turkey to take urgent measures to «reduce tensions» in Iraq.

Turkey withdraws troops from Northern Iraq 20.12.2015

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