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Turkey «working up» the nerve, SU-24 shot down at the behest of the United States. Review of the Russian media

This Tuesday in Brussels, opened the meeting of the Council of Ministers of foreign Affairs PATO. Almost all of the topics that will be discussed by the heads of diplomacy of the North Atlantic Alliance, are relevant to Russia, the newspaper «Kommersant» in the article titled «Theater of hybrid actions.»

At this meeting, according to the publication, PATO was first to take the «Strategy of hybrid wars»: the members of the unit will consider the possibility of coordination with Russia’s action in the fight against «Islamic state» and the adoption of additional measures to prevent incidents in the air. In addition, they are expected to invite Montenegro to join PATO and will assess the situation in Ukraine.

«Donald trump puts Muslims on the account of» is another article in the same newspaper, in which it is reported that the controversial billionaire, a leading candidate for the Republican party for the post of head of the White house once again shocked America – this time by insulting Muslims.

After the terrorist attacks in Paris, he invited representatives of the Muslim community of the United States to undergo a mandatory registration, but also reported that American Muslims rejoiced in the September 11 attacks.

«Xenophobic» statements Donald trump has already led to a sharp drop in his rating in the last six months, however, his chances at the U.S. presidency remain high. The ratings of his closest rivals also decline, and none of them doesn’t seem a candidate capable of winning election 2016.

«The Russian newspaper» publishes today an article titled «Turkish opposition has estimated losses from the conflict with Russia», which States that as a result of the growing tension in relations with Moscow, Turkey may lose about 6.5 billion. «The crisis in relations between the two countries must be resolved as soon as possible» – said in conclusion the member of the opposition party CHP Mustafa Akaydin.

As expected the representatives of the opposition party, in the medium term Turkey will have to export their agricultural products to Russia through third countries, or to seek other markets.

The cause of the crash of the AirAsia plane that occurred in the Java sea in December 2014, was the failure of on-Board computer, informs RIA Novosti. In flight control system flight control of the aircraft was cracked element, which was repeatedly denied, including four times during the flight and 23 times last year.»Subsequent actions of the crew resulted in the inability to control the plane…» – quotes Agency the statement of the National Committee for transportation safety Indonesia.

The state Duma will consider today in the first reading the draft law, which may oblige men to pay for abortions. This initiative supports the Deputy «Fair Russia» Alexey lysjakov, December 1, reports the «Nezavisimaya Gazeta».

MP proposes to amend the law «On fundamentals of protection of health of citizens of the Russian Federation»» the following provision: «the Costs associated with abortions, except in cases of artificial interruption of pregnancy for medical indications, shall be recovered from the child’s father». The idea is Lysakova, men who will evade payment, should be brought to administrative responsibility is obligatory works for the term up to hundred hours or administrative arrest up to fifteen days.

The same publication reports with reference to the Kuwaiti newspaper Al-Rai that Russia is preparing to deploy a second military base in Syria – at the airport Shirt in 35 kilometers South-East from HOMS. The number of aviation groups in Syria may rise to one hundred aircraft.

«»Base Shirt has 45 reinforced aircraft hangars to protect the planes from hits during attack», – the special correspondent of the newspaper on security issues Eliyahu J. Magnier with reference to a source in the joint Russian-Syrian-Iraqi-Iranian headquarters in Damascus. As the author points out, the airfield has the three-kilometer primary runway, allowing to accept aircrafts of any type, as well as spare bandwidth, the preparation of which the use ends today.

Writer Eduard Limonov, the leader of the national Bolsheviks, published in the newspaper «Izvestia» article, which analyzes the causes that led to the crash of a Russian bomber, and finds the perpetrators.

«I was born hate. First flashed questions: «why?!», «Why?» «Who benefits?», «And that Erdogan, he thinks we endure?», «He thinks the answer will be?», «Think, aside from the offense?». And then I began to look for explanations. And came to the conclusion that someone asked. Asked to down a Russian su-24. To knock us down a peg and humiliate. He was shot down. Because I asked someone on whom he depends, Erdogan, someone powerful has asked. There are suggestions emanating from large forces, cannot be waived, that Erdogan was the proposal and presented. There are two powers, whence could come the supply, and both powerful, just in different ways powerful is the U.S. and «Caliphate».

«Under the protection of his suzerain, USA and she has a few decades under the protection of the US – Turkey gradually lost all fear and all caution, but working up the nerve, because the President so boldly and brazenly go to the trouble. Since his Elder brother USA is back and threatens, but he’s mighty railway electronic projects. Now we are asked to pick up scolded the body of our Colonel Peshkov, literally shoved us the body. Was aizdevums over it, as we know now, no not the Turkomans, and the most authentic Turkish war of the same breed, and the ones we are used to winning since the sixteenth century,» continues Lemon.

«I’m afraid to call and write to my Turkish friends. I’m scared someone to substitute. But one request-a warning I must give. Turkey is preparing a full-scale intervention in Syria to create a buffer zone and under the pretext of protecting the Syrian Turkmens from the Russians bombing (by the way, many of them Syrian Turkmens are terrorist groups, such as «EN-Nusra»), writes in his column on the pages of «Komsomolskaya Pravda» journalist Daria Aslamova.

«My Iraqi source, the analyst Ramadan Osman, declared to the downed plane: «From confidential channels to the government of Turkey knows that Turkey with the help of the United States will go on an adventure — the invasion of Syria. The interests of Turkey and Russia will face on the Syrian field. What happens? Partition of Turkey and the beginning of full-scale war between Kurds and Turks,» says Aslamova.

Turkey «working up» the nerve, SU-24 shot down at the behest of the United States. Review of the Russian media 01.12.2015

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