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Turkey’s Ambassador in Israel had supper with Sheikh Salah, a «preacher of hate»

The Turkish Embassy in Israel has posted on his Twitter the photos taken during the dinner to mark the start of Ramadan at the table as guest of honor, you can see Sheikh Raed Salah, leader of the Northern wing of the Islamic movement, according to the Daily Caller.

Amb Ökem hosted an iftar dinner with the participation of the Arab and Muslim community leaders. #Ramadan Kareem!

Turkish Embassy TA (@TelAvivBE) 1 Jun 2017

Explaining the presence of Sheikh Salah at the holiday table, Turkey’s Ambassador to Israel, Mustafa Kemal Oakham stated that it was «nothing more than an ordinary meeting, a similar meal in honor of Shabbat.»

Recall that Sheikh Raed Salah, has repeatedly served his sentence in an Israeli prison on charges of supporting terrorism, assault on a police officer and incitement to hatred. In particular, 4 Mar 2015 the World court of Jerusalem has sentenced Raed Salah to eight months in prison for a sermon preached in 2007 at the Garbage gate in Jerusalem.

According to the indictment, Sheikh with his supporters, Israeli Arabs participated in a protest against the excavations carried out on the Temple mount, the Israel antiquities authority. The rally quickly turned violent. During these riots Sheikh Salah has declared that «the most beautiful moments in the life of a Muslim is all about becoming a suicide bomber near the mosque «al-Aqsa» and a meeting with Allah».

In the same year the leader of the Northern wing of the Islamic movement spoke in Jerusalem with a speech to several thousand supporters. In his speech, Salah accused Jews that they make matzah from the blood of infants and engaged in terrorism.

From 2003 to 2005, Raed Salah, was serving a sentence for supporting terrorism. Coming out of prison, he published a book of poems written during a stay behind bars. In 2010, he was held in prison for five months for assaulting a police officer.

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Turkey’s Ambassador in Israel had supper with Sheikh Salah, a «preacher of hate» 03.06.2017

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