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Turkish Airlines: the US lifted the ban on transportation in airplanes dimensional electronics

Turkish national carrier Turkish Airlines announced on Wednesday, 5 July that the us government has lifted a ban on the transportation of large electronic devices in the cabin of the aircraft flying in the United States, RIA Novosti reported with reference to the publication in the official Twitter of the company.

General Director of Turkish Airlines Bilal Eksi wrote that he expects the same step from the UK.

During the 102 days of prohibition passengers 1087 flights in the U.S. were seized and placed in the Luggage compartment 81,7 thousands of electronic devices, of which 75% were laptops.

Recall that in March this year, the US government and the UK reported limitations associated with the use of overall electronic devices in aircraft cabins on flights from the Middle East. In June, the list of countries which dealt with similar limitations, was greatly expanded.

It was about the requirement not to carry in hand Luggage, laptop computers, tablets, and other electronic equipment that is larger than the size of a regular cell phone. On smartphones the ban did not apply. Overall the technique had to be checked in.

On the Israeli airline restrictions did not apply. But the Israelis going to the US or UK, for example, through Turkey, faced with the need to keep overall electronic equipment in the Luggage.

According to reports, restrictions were associated with the receipt of the security services operational information about the intention of terrorist groups Islamist to commit a series of terrorist attacks on the flights, using explosive devices of small size, hidden in electronic equipment. In several publications it was noted that the appropriate alert us authorities received from Israeli intelligence.

Turkish Airlines: the US lifted the ban on transportation in airplanes dimensional electronics 05.07.2017

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