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TV North Korea: 3.5 million workers ready to join the army to fight the US

Saturday, August 12, the TV, the DPRK announced that about 3.5 million workers and party members ready to join the people’s army to resist new UN sanctions and to fight with the United States.

In recent days, tensions between the U.S. and North Korea grows literally with each passing hour. On 8 August, the DPRK authorities stated that it weighed the possibility of a missile attack on the Pacific island of GUAM, which hosts the strategic bombers of the U.S. army. The reaction of the President of the United States to these threats was very sharp.

Pentagon chief James Mattis also warned the North Korean authorities about the inadmissibility of war rhetoric and threats, and stated that they will result in the overthrow of the regime and the destruction of the population of this country.

Friday, August 11, the President of the United States Donald trump called the Governor of GUAM, Eddie Calvo, to Express their support. «You’re safe, we with you a thousand percent,» said trump.

The US President advised the Governor of GUAM not to worry and said that the threat of Pyongyang can only contribute to the development of tourism on the island, which – due to threats from North Korea – learned around the world.

Also had a phone conversation with trump with the President of China XI Jinping. The Chinese leader agreed with the President of the United States that North Korea must immediately stop its provocative rhetoric.

Meanwhile, the government of GUAM, as reported by the American media, has published recommendations to the population of the island in case of nuclear attack North Korea. Residents are reminded that in case of occurrence of flash or globular lightning, they should not look at her, to not go blind. In the rules it is reported, where they can take refuge in safety, and also indicates that some radioactive particles can accumulate on clothing, skin and hair. Concomitant administration of GUAM stressed that the island is adequately protected from missile strikes of North Korea.

TV North Korea: 3.5 million workers ready to join the army to fight the US 12.08.2017

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