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Two Arabs are accused of attempting to commit a terrorist attack at the hotel in Eilat

Thursday, December 31, the Prosecutor’s office of the southern district have been indicted by two Arabs, residents of Jerusalem who were planning to commit a terrorist attack in the hotel «Rio» in Eilat.

According to the text of the indictment, we are talking about Nimra Khalil and Ashraf, Salama. They temporarily lived and worked in Eilat. From criminal case materials follows that the plan was to install a bomb in the hotel «Rio».

The planning of the attack began in October 2015. The initiator attacks on Israelis was Nimi, who wanted to avenge the death of his friend, who, in those days, one of the terrorist attacks in Jerusalem. Originally Nimri offered to attack with knives on a religious Jew. Salima rejected this proposal due to the high probability of capture or death at the time of the attack. Then it was decided to attempt to install in the hotel explosive device.

Using the information obtained on the Internet, the attackers have collected an explosive device.

November 30, Ashraf, Salama came to the hotel to gather the latest information before the attack. He introduced himself as a tourist who is interested to rent a room long term. He asked a lot of questions of employees, which aroused their suspicion. Information was passed to the security service of the hotel, and soon the two accused were arrested.

After the investigation, which was carried out jointly by the General security service (SHABAK) and the police, the attackers were detained. Simultaneously with the filing of an indictment, the Prosecutor asked to extend the detention of the accused until after the trial.

Two Arabs are accused of attempting to commit a terrorist attack at the hotel in Eilat 31.12.2015

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