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Two days after the election, the head of MERETZ, Tamar Zandberg was in the midst of the scandal

The new head of the MERETZ party, Tamar Zandberg immediately after the election was at the epicenter of the scandal. Well-known political Advisor Moshe Clagett said in an interview with the news service channel «Keshet» and «Reshet» that in the course of the campaign as head of MERETZ, Zandberg has repeatedly used his free advice.

During the two election campaigns, Clagett was adviser to the head of the «Bayt Yehudi» Naftali Bennett. In addition, he participated in the development of acute PR campaigns against various social organizations of the left, particularly against the «New Israel Fund».

The information that Sandberg uses the services of Logarta, there were many journalists in the course Campana, but the elected head of MERETZ whenever categorically rejected any cooperation with Cloverton. After the interview Clpart news service has been published for more details. In particular, a political commentator, «Globes» tal Schneider reported that communication with the Sandberg Logatom was almost daily, and she always use his services. It is noted that from a legal point of view we are talking about undeclared donations, and may be the subject of investigations by the state Comptroller.

The fact that Sandberg used the services of the author campano against the left camp, and denied the fact, has drawn sharp criticism. The head of the «Zionist camp» AVI Gabay said: «If this is the new MERETZ, it will be better if it will not pass the electoral threshold. Throughout the campaign, Sandberg built on the attacks against me and against the party «Avoda». Now it turns out that behind all of this, Clagett who for the second time at war with me. This is not just a strategic Advisor is the promoter that has contributed to the threat of radicalization of the public debate, which is responsible for the Nazi campaign of «Stolen» and an unbridled attempt to declare the whole left camp traitors».

Political adviser Nissim, Dwek who led the campaign Sandberg said that would never cooperate with Cloverton.

On the background of the scandal, Tamar Zandberg has published a message which stated that Moshe Clagett «has not worked in the headquarters, and I didn’t hire him.» According to the head of MERETZ, he voluntarily gave her a few tips. «During the election campaign there were people who took the initiative to assist me based on your experience. One such individual was Moshe Clagett. This whole story is exaggerated to insane proportions,» said Sandberg.

22 Mar Tamar Zandberg won a landslide victory in the primaries in MERETZ. She was given to 71% of the vote. Her main opponent in these elections, former head of the movement «peace Now», AVI Busquilla, received 28% of votes.

In the primaries participated 53.6% of party members.

Two days after the election, the head of MERETZ, Tamar Zandberg was in the midst of the scandal 25.03.2018

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