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Two teenagers from Utah shot a contemporary: «She was too annoying»

Court of the U.S. state of Utah was sentenced to 15 years of imprisonment of two teenagers, Jason Decker and Colter Peterson, who shot their friend, 15-year-old Desiree Turner, and then dropped a seriously injured girl in the gutter, believing that she was dead.

The reason for this attempted murder, committed in February 2017, was its «molestation»: according to Colter Peterson, Desiree too often tried to establish contact with him via mobile app Snapchat wrote on Thursday, February 8, local newspaper the Salt Lake Tribune .

The article notes that a bullet fired by one of the defendants, is still in the brain of the victim and causes her great pain, which she has to overcome daily.

«You evil, and it is good that you will spend life in prison because I’m in a prison by your fault» – leads the publication the words of Desiree. Before these events the girl was fond of horse riding, playing the saxophone and doing karate, but the actions of the defendants deprived her of those pleasures.

Two teenagers from Utah shot a contemporary: «She was too annoying» 08.02.2018

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