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Two terrorists from Kabati found guilty in the murder of Reuven Shmerling

Sunday, March 25, a court in Lod, recognized Yusef and Muhammad Kamil Abu al-Ruba, the villagers Kabatia guilty in the murder of Reuven Shmerling.

According to the materials of the indictment, Youssef Kamil and Muhammad Abu al-RUB, finding in September of 2017 the work in Israel, planned to use its implementation of the attack.

According to the investigation, the idea of killing one of the workers of the coal warehouse, which was operated by terrorists and governed by Reuben Shmerling, belonged to Youssef Kamil. Before you implement the plan, the terrorists purchased a knife for cutting meat and hid it in the warehouse. They also had the phone number of the person who was willing to pick them up from the warehouse after the assassination and to deliver to the Palestinian authority.

October 4, they came to the coal depot in Kafr Qasem, where he was beaten to death 69-year-old Reuven Shmerling. The terrorists got to Jenin, where he surrendered to Palestinian police. However, after a few hours they were again at liberty. Employees of the Israeli security services have detained suspects in the night of 7 October.

On 15 October, the defence Ministry has decided to recognize Reuven Shmerling victim of a terrorist attack. The relatives of the deceased receive all privileges to the families of victims of terror.

Two terrorists from Kabati found guilty in the murder of Reuven Shmerling 26.03.2018

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