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U.S. scientists propose to treat depression with the help of bots

Alison Darcy, a psychologist from the American University of Stanford, based on artificial intelligence have developed a bot (a virtual source), which can replace a therapist for people experiencing symptoms of depression or anxiety, but do not want to seek help from professionals, according to Business Insider.

Applique, designed not to replace traditional therapy, but be another tool to help those who are struggling with depression, called Woebot and uses in conversations with users of the tools and techniques of cognitive-behavioral psychotherapy.

Darcy checked his invention to 70 students experiencing symptoms of depression and anxiety. The students were divided into two groups, one of which is within two weeks spoke with Woebot, and the second – read textbook on depression. Two weeks later members of the group, to communicate with the bot, I noticed a significant decrease in symptoms of depression.

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U.S. scientists propose to treat depression with the help of bots 07.06.2017

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