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U.S. Secretary of state explained to the Kremlin, which leads to aggression. Review of Russian media

American aviation outlined a no-fly zone –
the destruction of a Syrian su-22 faces a new crisis between Russia and the United States, wrote on Tuesday the newspaper «Kommersant». In the course of the Syrian conflict, an incident occurred that could seriously complicate Russian-American relations: the coalition, led by the U.S. the plane was shot down by government forces, the su-22.

Damascus has called the incident «a flagrant violation of the sovereignty of the country.» In turn, the defense Ministry announced the termination of cooperation with the US in the framework of the bilateral Memorandum on safety of aviation in the Syrian campaign. The incident with the su-22 was already the second attack on the Syrian air force after the April air strike on the basis of «Sirat», taken after the change of administration in the White house.

The Department of defence of Australia suspends air strikes on Syria, which it causes in the anti-terrorist coalition under US leadership. «We suspend as a precaution the strikes on Syria,» reads the statement by the defence Ministry, quoted by the Pro-Kremlin «Russian newspaper».

The decision was taken after Russia said it will track the missile and radar and military aircraft flying coalition aircraft West of the Euphrates river in Syria after the US aircraft shot down Syrian air force su-22, dealt a blow at 20 km South from the unofficial ISIS capital of raqqa.

Military-air forces of the international coalition led by the U.S., attacked on the eve of the Syrian village of tel-Shaer. The airstrike killed 12 members of one family, RIA Novosti reported citing local media.

Tel-Shaer, located in the province of hasakah near the border with Iraq. The victims of the air attacks of the Americans and their allies in the neighboring provinces of raqqa and Deir al-Zour, in less than a month were more than 200 civilians.

Tillerson showed the consequences of Russia’s aggression against the United States – the current Secretary for relations with Moscow similar to Obama’s strategy, wrote on Tuesday the newspaper «Nezavisimaya Gazeta». As writes the edition with reference to BuzzFeed, Tillerson has developed a framework of three points on building U.S.-Russian relations in the future.

The first item on the program requires to communicate to Moscow the idea that aggressive actions against the United States is losing option, is counterproductive for both sides. When Russia is taking decisive actions contrary to American interests, Washington needs to fight back. We are talking about sending weapons to the Taliban in Afghanistan, harassment of U.S. diplomats in Moscow, etc.

The second paragraph refers to the strategic interests of the United States, including the protracted civil war in Syria, a rapidly growing nuclear program of North Korea, cybersecurity and cyber-espionage. Third point – strategic stability in relations with Russia – an ambiguous term that covers a number of geopolitical goals, the newspaper writes.

Possible agreement on Ukraine’s security and the U.S. involves the deployment of U.S. military reserves in the country. This was stated on Tuesday by the speaker of the Verkhovna Rada Andriy Parubiy, says 20 June, the newspaper «Izvestia».

«It involves special operations, conducting joint scientific and technical developments and even placement on the territory of Ukraine military reserves of the United States» – the newspaper quoted the MP, said the TV channel «112 Ukraine». According to Parubiy, the agreement «brings a new level of cooperation between Ukraine and the USA».

In Italy have arrested Iraqi terrorist, who during the arrest shouted: «ISIS is my life!» reports on Tuesday «Komsomolskaya Pravda». 29-year-old Hussein Abs, Khamir sought political asylum in Europe since 2008, he visited Norway and Finland and Germany and in southern Italy. But this young man wasn’t looking for a better life – he wanted to «cut heads» Europeans and «wage Jihad».

Phone numbers of Hussein were filled with jihadist propaganda. He rejoiced in every terrorist act in Europe, and after the attack Manchester woke refugee camp, shouting «Allah Akbar».

U.S. Secretary of state explained to the Kremlin, which leads to aggression. Review of Russian media

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