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U.S. Secretary of state said about the need to reassess nuclear agreement with Iran

U.S. Secretary of state Rex Tillerson has accused Wednesday the government of Iran of sponsoring terrorism and has criticized the «nuclear agreement» with Tehran.

Speaking at a press conference, the head of the state Department said that a plan to establish a non-nuclear status of Iran fails. «This transaction is a failed approach of the past that led us to the current imminent threat from North Korea,» he said.

Tillerson has accused the Iranian authorities of «continuing and disturbing provocative activities.» «Comprehensive Iranian policy requires us to deal with threats from Iran, and obviously they are many», says Tillerson. The Secretary said that Tehran «continues to support the brutal regime of (Syrian President Bashar) Assad in Syria, prolonging the conflict, which killed about half a million Syrians,» TASS quoted the statement of the head of the American foreign Ministry.

«The Iranian Navy undermining the freedom of navigation in the Persian Gulf, in pursuit of the U.S. warships that are there legally. Iran have made cyber attacks against the United States and our partners in the Persian Gulf,» he said, mentioning that Iran is «one of leaders» among the countries that violate human rights.

Rex Tillerson stated that Iranian authorities «routinely send political opponents to jail or execute them.» «Tehran without sufficient grounds, detains foreigners, including American citizens on false charges. Some Americans are still missing or wrongly sitting in prison in Iran,» – said Tillerson.

«In addition to abuses on its territory, Iran is a threat to the whole world», – said the head of the US state Department. He recalled the testing of ballistic missiles, which Iran continues to develop in violation of the resolutions of the UN Security Council. «The proof is obvious. The provocative actions of Iran threaten the United States, the region and the world,» he said.

Tillerson accused the government of Iran in sponsoring terrorist activities in Syria, Yemen, Iraq and Lebanon, as well as in supporting attacks on Israel. «Iran is the leading state sponsor of terrorism in the world, undermining U.S. interests in such countries as Syria, Yemen, Iraq and Lebanon, continuing to support attacks against Israel. Iran is responsible for the aggravation of many conflicts,» he said. Tillerson stressed that «unshackled Iran could go the same path as North Korea».

According to the head of the us diplomatic corps, Iran «exports terror and violence, destabilizing at the same time» in several countries. He reminded that Tehran is helping «Assad regime that commits atrocities against its own people». The chief U.S. diplomat accused Iran of «providing weapons, financing and training of foreign fighters» travelling to Syria.

According to Tillerson, Tehran «supports some of the Iraqi paramilitary groups» through the Islamic revolutionary guard Corps, which «undermines the security of Iraq for many years.»

He also noted that «Iran provides weapons, training and funds Hamas and other Palestinian terrorist organizations.»

«In Yemen, Tehran continues to support attempts (rebel) Houthis to overthrow the government, providing them with military equipment, funding and carrying out their training, thus threatening the southern border of Saudi Arabia,» he said.

«Iran is behind terrorist attacks around the world, including conspiracy to kill (the current foreign Minister of the Kingdom) Adel al-Jubeir, who at that time was Ambassador of Saudi Arabia to the United States, said Tillerson. Whether the assassination attempt, support (development) of weapons of mass destruction, the involvement involved in the destabilization of the rebels, Iran spends its time and money on undermining the world.»

Rex Tillerson sharply criticized the agreement on the peaceful nature of Iran’s nuclear program. «Iran’s nuclear ambitions pose a great threat to world peace and security,» he said. According to Secretary of state, the Treaty «has failed to achieve its goal,» depriving Iran of access to nuclear materials. «He only delayed the transformation of Iran into a nuclear state», – added the head of American diplomacy.

«That’s why we believe we need to very carefully look at Iran from the point of view of the threats it poses in all of the areas in the region and the world, and the nuclear Treaty is just one element of this. And so we’re going to conduct a complete reassessment of the Treaty itself,» – said U.S. Secretary of state.

Note that in the speech by Rex Tillerson sounded arguments repeatedly mentioned earlier in the speeches of the Prime Minister of Israel Benjamin Netanyahu during his speeches to the UN and to the American politicians.

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U.S. Secretary of state said about the need to reassess nuclear agreement with Iran 20.04.2017

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