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UK plans military operation in Libya

The British government followed France is planning a military operation against the terrorist organization Islamic state and other extremists in Libya, reports The Telegraph.

According to this information, the British government extremely worried by the strengthening of ISIS and other radical movements in Libya. In particular, there is a risk of turning the Libyan coast into a base for attacks on European countries.

According to the UN, in the coastal area under the control of the IG in Libya are two or three thousand terrorists has gained access to training bases close in Europe, and is also able to attack European merchant ships.

A source in the government of great Britain announced that Libya will likely become area of the next military operation.

Italy, more than other EU countries who fear the rising of ISIS in Libya, is developing a plan to create the anti-terrorist coalition to fight the militants on Libyan territory.

The Prime Minister of France Manuel Valls said the day before, the countries of the antiterrorist coalition must crush ISIS in Iraq and Syria, and soon in Libya, where followers of the extremist ideology of ISIS is gradually gaining strength.

Last week it was reported that the French aircraft conducted reconnaissance flights in Libya.

The operation in Libya requires the consent of the legitimate government of the country.

UK plans military operation in Libya 12.12.2015

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