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Ukraine is weighing sanctions against the Deputy Margie, who visited the Crimea

Ukrainian authorities are considering to press charges against Knesset member from the SHAS party ya’akov Margi for visiting Crimea without coordination with Ukraine. He can opt to visit the country.

The Ukrainian government stresses that the entry into the territory of Crimea without the permission of the authorities of Ukraine considered a violation of the law.

The Ukrainian Embassy in tel Aviv expressed a sharp protest against the visit Margie in Crimea and warned that weighed legal action against the MP, writes Arik Bender in «Maariv», to transfer the case to the court.

ForumDaily, in turn, quotes the words of Ukrainian Ambassador nadolenko stressed that to ya’akov Margi can be applied various sanctions, including its inclusion in the «black list». He added that when discussing the visit Margie raised the issue of toughening of the visa regime for the pilgrims to come to Uman. Currently between Israel and Ukraine has visa free regime.

According to ForumDaily, the security Service of Ukraine has already started an investigation visit Margie in the Crimea.

The Russian media extensively covered the visit by Israeli parliamentarians. On 10 February, the Agency TASS reported the arrival in Crimea of the parliamentary delegation of Israel headed by Deputy head of the Commission for education, culture and sport Yaakov Margi. The press service of the head of the Crimean administration Sergei Aksyonov cited his statement: «I am Confident that the contacts of the authorities of the Republic of Crimea with representatives of the legislature of the state of Israel allows Israeli citizens and authorities to form an objective opinion about the processes and events that are happening today in the Crimea, – Aksenov quoted by the press service. – The Jewish community along with other national societies of the Republic, is active, cares about everything that happens on the territory of Crimea, and provides assistance on a number of issues, including alerting the population about the problems facing the Crimean people… Contrary to popular overseas opinion that in the Crimea unsafe, Margie came and was convinced of the opposite, seeing everything with your own eyes. I am sure that the people of Israel know the truth – Crimea returned to the Russian Federation in good faith, by the will of the Crimean people».

However, the press service of the Knesset in response to a request said that the trip Margi in Crimea is not an official visit. He visited the Peninsula at the invitation of the Rabbi of Sevastopol Benjamin wolf.

Recall that in mid-January the Ukrainian Embassy in Israel issued the following warning to the Israelis: «the Last time the Embassy receives the information about entrance of citizens of the state of Israel in the temporarily occupied territory of Crimea in violation of the requirements established by the legislation of Ukraine and carrying out their commercial activities in conjunction with the illegal authorities in Crimea without authorization from the Ukrainian Government. The Embassy notes that such actions are a violation of Ukrainian legislation, in particular Law of Ukraine «On ensuring rights and freedoms of citizens and legal regime on the temporarily occupied territory of Ukraine», and also contrary to international law, in particular the provisions of the UNGA resolution A / RES / 68/262 «Territorial integrity of Ukraine» dated 27.03.2014 R. In case of continuation of such actions, the corresponding information will be transmitted to the competent authorities of Ukraine to further prosecution in violation of applicable law. Will also consider the inclusion of relevant Israeli companies to the list of legal entities subjected to restrictive measures (sanctions)».

Ukraine is weighing sanctions against the Deputy Margie, who visited the Crimea 12.02.2016

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