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Ukraine urged to «privatize» Russian language. Review of Russian media

In the first half of February is going to visit the head of the Palestinian national authority Mahmoud Abbas. On 11 January, reports RIA Novosti with reference to the Ambassador of Palestine to the Russian Federation Abdelhafiz of Novalja.

It is expected that Abbas will meet with Russian President Vladimir Putin and discuss with him the situation in the middle East, as well as the possible recognition of Jerusalem as the capital of Israel, the US President said in early December.

The explosives from the bombs and drones that attacked Russian base in Syria, it is impossible to produce in a controlled environment, such explosives made in Ukraine. This was stated at a briefing the head of the construction and development of a system of unmanned aerial vehicles of the General staff of the armed forces major-General Alexander Novikov, writes in Thursday newspaper «Kommersant».

«Preliminary studies have shown that as the basis of explosive ammunition was used ten, surpassing in power the RDX. Specified explosive is produced in a number of countries, including in Ukraine in Shostka factory of chemical reagents» – quotes the edition of his words, noting that the Russian military conducted a study to ascertain the country of manufacturer.

According to the forecast of the research company Pew Research, by 2040 Muslims will become the second largest religious community after Christians, it is reported in another article for the same publication.

Currently second place on prevalence in the US is Judaism, Muslims now in the U.S. about 3.5 million, about 1% of the U.S. population, 2007 the number of citizens of this country, professing Islam, were 2.4 million Such growth rates allow experts to conclude that by 2050 they will be more than Jews.

The number of Muslims in the United States is projected at 8.1 million people, or 2.1% of the total population, the proportion of the Jewish population fairly stable and now stands at about 1.9%. The number of Christian of the U.S. population in 2050 is projected at 261 million. High growth of Muslim population in the U.S. Pew Research experts explain high fertility among this community and the high level of immigration in the United States Muslims – in 2016, was marked by a record growth of Muslim immigration in the United States. Already, 75% of US citizens professing Islam, are immigrants or members of immigrant families.

«Ukrainian writer urged Kiev to «privatize» Russian language» is the title of an article in Pro-Kremlin newspaper Izvestia, which reported that Andrey Kurkov recommends Kiev to take Russian language under «linguistic control».

In an interview on Thursday, January 11, he called for the establishment of «Institute of Russian and other languages of national minorities in the National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine».

«To restrict the ability of Russia to defend Ukraine Russian language is necessary to recognize the Ukrainian russkoyazychnye cultural property of our country», – the newspaper quotes the words of the Ukrainian writer.

Ukraine urged to «privatize» Russian language. Review of Russian media 11.01.2018

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