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Ukrainians regret not merged with Europe in 1941. Review of Russian media

«I’ll kill all Muslims» is the title of an article in the newspaper «Kommersant», referring to yesterday’s incident in London, where a van drove into a crowd of people near the mosque.

The authorities of the British capital have already recognized this crime a terrorist attack. The head of the Muslim Council of Britain Harun Khan said: the one who made arrival on the people, acted intentionally and was guided by Islamophobic sentiments. According to him, in recent times representatives of the British Muslim community was faced with a multitude of manifestations of Islamophobia.

The Guardian newspaper published the statement of the interior Minister of the UK amber Rudd, which contains the call for the British to maintain unity and solidarity to those who are trying to split society and «to spread hate and fear.»

The majority of Russians (79%) do not want to leave Russia to live abroad, according to data collected by the «Levada-center». Often the desire to emigrate they say the young respondents among citizens up to 24 years to move outside the former Soviet Union want 32%.

The expert attributes this to the fact that the youth tries to get a good education and a decent salary, according to the same publication in an article titled «Foreigners are not attracted constancy».

According to a survey conducted in may 2017, 3% of people «would definitely» go to live abroad, 12% «rather like» to emigrate. 79% do not want to move (23% «probably would», 56% «definitely would not» to emigrate). The desire to move varies among all age groups. In particular, among respondents 18-24 years to go I wish 32%, 25-39 years – 21% of respondents.

In the Turkish city of Bursa in the North-West of the country will appear in subway cars, which will be able to ride only women. As reported by RIA Novosti, the city has already started implementation of the project.
Mayor Recep Altepe believes that innovation will make the women travel in public transport more comfortable: «This is one of the options for citizens. Not talking about what men and women can’t be in the same car.»

In Moscow has not yet commented on the allegations of the American side that the US coalition in Syria had allegedly been in contact with the Russian military after its forces on June 18 was shot down by a fighter-bomber Syrian government troops in thirty kilometers from Raqqa, wrote on Monday, «the Russian newspaper».

In Damascus say that the destroyed military aircraft su-22 participated in combat missions against militants of the Islamic state (a terrorist group banned in Russia), accusing the United States of «pandering to terrorists».

The Central command of the U.S. armed forces claims that immediately after the attack, his staff was contacted by phone with Russian colleagues. We are talking about the channel to reduce the level of conflict de-escalation in Syria. In the coalition say that «do not seek to clash with Russian forces,» however, intend to protect their partners.

Navalny was accused of imposture, and the Russian authorities thus had a reason to counter the headquarters of opposition leader, writes «the Independent newspaper».

The Federal government, it seems, seeks to create to put pressure on formal and informal volunteers are more or less legitimate. So, apparently, is to regard the recent statement of the CEC of the Russian Federation Ella Pamfilova. «He has positioned himself in a certain way, and I have it in this position as it positions itself, I don’t see it. I’m afraid to be incorrect, although I understand, and he knows it – that he had no chance to be registered for the elections because of his criminal record,» she said in one TV interview.

The team of Alexei Navalny continues «politai» in the country. In most places, had to overcome the opposition of the authorities, based on the informal impact on the owners of offices. But after the head Pamfilova failures «impostor» unable to find legitimate.

The foreign Ministers of the European Union in the framework of the meeting in Luxembourg on Monday to discuss joint action against terrorism on the background of what happened last night, hitting the van a crowd of people in London. This was stated by EU high representative for foreign Affairs and security policy Federica Mogherini, the newspaper «Izvestia».

«Diary from Kiev: inform on each other and ponder what they could be in Europe in 1941» – is the title essay of Pauline Orel, published on Monday, «Komsomolskaya Pravda».

«Europe! By the way, the leader of Ukrainian nationalists, and at the same time the Deputy and the Deputy head of the radio and television Bohdan Chervak argues that Shukhevych street, not agree can go to Moscow and Jerusalem. Elderly people, the heroes of the second world war, and the Ukrainians, who consider themselves to be Pro-Russian in the situation much more worst than gays: they can be beat, threaten, to mock them and sneer. At the same time on three thousand participants of the pride had five thousand of policemen in Kiev! And if gays were protected by the police (and the March LGTB, despite all the threats and hype around the event was relatively quiet), people who value St. George ribbon, not the ribbon colors of the rainbow and Avenue Vatutina, — an outlaw. They do not just can be beaten. They still seriously going to punish the new Ukrainian government fines and even criminal liability,» claims a regular contributor to this publication.

Ukrainians regret not merged with Europe in 1941. Review of Russian media

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