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Ultra-Orthodox: «Ready for the collapse of the coalition for the law on appeal»

On Sunday morning, March 4, ultra-Orthodox newspaper «A Modiano» published the statement of the Deputy Minister of health Yaakov of Litzman, repeating that he did not intend to vote for the draft state budget until then, until the approval of the law on appeal.

At the request of Litzman, this decision is made on the basis of orders received from the Council of Torah scholars.

An editorial of the newspaper «A Modiano» supporting the party «Agudat Israel», which, together with «and Degel Torah» forms a unit «yaadut-Tora», also speaks of the need to achieve the adoption of law on appeal even at the cost of a possible collapse of the coalition and early elections. «We know that the current government is one of the best for the ultra-Orthodox Jewry.

But the question of solving the problem of invocation is one of the major problems that we are constantly ranked. And if this question someone will lead to the collapse of the government, and if we will suffer damage, it is necessary to remember that the world of Torah is more important than political gains». In an editorial says that there is «danger» of coming to power of Yair Lapid, however, the struggle for law on appeal justifies the risk.

Note that Yaakov litzman, together with the deputies of Moses, Aileron and Makluba present in «yaadut Torah» fraction «Agudat Israel». Representatives «and Degel Torah» are Moshe Gafni and Yaakov Asher, who do not support the radical line pursued by litzman. In SHAS refrain from commenting. Knesset member Michael Malkiel said in an interview with «it is Necessary to use any opportunity for that to approve a bill on conscription, but more than that I cannot say».

We will remind that in the night of Sunday, March 4, Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu went on an official visit to the US during which he will hold talks with President Donald trump will speak at the conference Pro-Israel lobby AIPAC.

Before departure to the US, Netanyahu told reporters that he sees no reason for the current coalition crisis caused by disagreement over the bill to call and the Basic law «about the value of Torah study», led to early elections.

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Ultra-Orthodox: «Ready for the collapse of the coalition for the law on appeal» 04.03.2018

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