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UN experts: Iran has tested ballistic missile, violating resolution

The group of experts of the UN security Council considered the information about the launch of Iran’s ballistic missiles, «Imad» on 10 October of this year and came to the conclusion that these tests are a violation of paragraph 9 of Security Council resolution 1929, reports Reuters with reference to the permanent representative of Spain to the UN Roman Marchese, who heads the SC Committee on sanctions against Iran.

U.S. insists that other tests of ballistic missiles conducted by the Iranians on November 21, are a violation of resolution 1929. Until the Council publishes the conclusions of the expert Committee on the matter.

The UN security Council resolution No. 1929, adopted in 2010, forbids Iran from carrying out ballistic missile tests. After the signing of the «nuclear agreement» with Iran, the security Council adopted resolution No. 2231, binding of Iran for eight years to refrain from testing ballistic missiles.

Despite the obvious violations of the Tehran agreements, U.S. President Barack Obama continues to insist on necessity of observance of the reached agreement, whereby Iran were lifted economic sanctions.

UN experts: Iran has tested ballistic missile, violating resolution 16.12.2015

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