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UN report: Israel – an apartheid state persecuting the Palestinians

The UN Agency for the economic and social problems in Western Asia (ESCWA) released a report, the data of which indicate that Israel was supposedly established the apartheid regime and pursuing discriminatory policies against the Palestinians.

Such a denunciation was first performed at the UN, wrote on Wednesday, March 15, the news Agency Reuters.

The head of this structure Rima Khalaf, Deputy Secretary General of the UN claims that Israel is a racist state where Palestinians are persecuted, it is stated in this article. This performance took place at the Beirut headquarters of ESCWA. This Institute brings together 18 Arab States located in Western Asia, the report was prepared at their request.

Khalaf explained to the audience that Israel is pursuing a deliberate policy of the division of Palestinian society into four separate groups – residents of East Jerusalem, residents of the West Bank and Gaza and the inhabitants of the refugee camps outside of the Jewish state. This strategy was allegedly used for a more successful oppression of the Palestinian people.

ESCWA hopes that this report, prepared by Richard Falk, a former inspector for the UN Agency for human rights, and Virginia Tilly, a Professor of political science at southern Illinois University, and further analysis of the causes of the problem.

Earlier, the US accused Falk, who left his post in 2014, biased against the Jewish state

The Israeli leadership has not yet commented on the allegations.

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UN report: Israel – an apartheid state persecuting the Palestinians 16.03.2017

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