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Under pressure «haredim» canceled repair work on the railway on Saturday

Ended the meeting of Benjamin Netanyahu with the heads of the ultra-Orthodox parties SHAS and «yaadut Torah» on the problem of the «desecration of the sanctity of Shabbat» work carried out by the company «Rakevet Israel» on the weekends. At the meeting held in the office of the Prime Minister, was also attended by Minister of transport Yisrael Katz, Minister of labor and social Affairs Haim Katz, head of the parliamentary Finance Committee Rabbi Moshe Gafni.

At the meeting, the representatives of the religious parties demanded the complete cessation of work on Shabbat except for those cases when we are talking about a vital necessity and there is no possibility to carry out the work on weekdays.

The meeting participants agreed with the statement of the representatives of SHAS and «yaadut-Torah» that the recent increase in cases when work on the railway are held on Saturdays without good reason.

According to Maariv, the Ministry of labor and social welfare by examining the work plan «Rakevet Israel» for the coming weekend, came to the conclusion that they can be carried out on a weekday. Thus, the Ministry demanded that «Rakevet Israel» to change their plans and cancel all activities that were scheduled for Friday evening and Saturday.

Minister of transport Yisrael Katz announced that he had instructed officers of his Department that the work should not be performed on Shabbat if it is not a vital necessity.

Note that in the early weeks of the parliamentary party SHAS and «yaadut Torah» at the end of the joint meeting issued a statement which said that they will not be able to stay in the coalition if the status quo will not be saved.

It was not the first case when the construction of the tramway or works to improve the railway infrastructure during the weekend, causing a coalition crisis. In August last year, the weekend was closed to traffic Ayalon highway due to work conducted in the area of the railway station «And Shalom». The work was carried out despite the protests of ultra-Orthodox. Minister of transport Yisrael Katz said at the time that the carrying out of such works on a weekday would be associated with huge risk. He recalled that the secular population makes concessions for the sake of preserving the status quo, and noted that from the religious sector also need to compromise in certain matters. However, when work does not pose a threat to the security of citizens, they are held on weekdays.

In September last year, infrastructure work on the railway, moved from weekends to working days, led to a transport collapse. The transport tube was on all the major highways of the country. Thousands of Israelis were late for work. Then it was reported that disruptions in the movement of railway transport was caused by the fact that the decision to impose a ban on work during the weekend was delivered by Benjamin Netanyahu shortly before the onset of Shabbat, when the workers have already begun their duties and dismantled the rails at the site to the North of tel Aviv. The order caught them by surprise, and the recovery time of the canvas have not been.

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Under pressure «haredim» canceled repair work on the railway on Saturday 22.06.2017

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