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UNESCO declared the Old city of Hebron to Palestinian cultural heritage

The UN Agency for education, science and culture (UNESCO) on Friday, July 7, at the 41st summit of the organization in Krakow declared the Old city of Hebron (al-Khalil) and the Cave of the Patriarchs (Haram al-Ibrahimi) of the Palestinian cultural heritage site of worldwide importance.

For approval of the resolution required a two-thirds vote of the 21 members of world heritage Committee of UNESCO. The decision was taken by 12 votes in favor and three votes against, and six abstentions.

Poland, Croatia and Jamaica demanded a secret ballot. Some summit participants objected to this decision. In particular, against it strongly objected to the representative of Israel to the Carmel Shama-Cohen. In the end, the vote was still secret, but in full view of everyone.

The recognition of the Old city of Hebron and the cave of the Patriarchs by a Palestinian cultural heritage was submitted by the representatives of the Palestinian authority. The paper argues that this area is under threat, and that Israel inflicts damage to property located in the Old city of Hebron. Thus Hebron was referred to as the Islamic city and denying the connection of the Jews with him.

Recall that on 4 July, the world heritage Committee of UNESCO voted in favour of resolution denying Israeli sovereignty over the Old city of Jerusalem and condemning the excavations in the historic part of the Israeli capital. Then also against the resolution voted only three countries: Burkina Faso, Jamaica, Philippines. Abstaining: Angola, Croatia, Finland, Peru, Poland, Portugal, South Korea, Tanzania. The resolution was supported by ten countries: Azerbaijan, Indonesia, Lebanon, Tunisia, Kazakhstan, Kuwait, Turkey, Vietnam, Cuba and Zimbabwe.

After the results of balloting on 7 July, the defense Minister of Israel Avigdor Lieberman said: «UNESCO is a politically biased organization, occupying the infamous anti-Semitic position, and regular host of the controversial resolution. No resolution of this totally irrelevant organization will not have any impact on multi-millennial historical right of the Jewish people to the Cave of the Patriarchs and to their land. I hope that, thanks to our friend and ally, the United States, the funding for this organization will be terminated. In addition, this decision proves once again that the Palestinian authority is not interested in achieving peace, but only the incitement and demonization of Israel in the international arena».

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UNESCO declared the Old city of Hebron to Palestinian cultural heritage 07.07.2017

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