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Unique appliances home physiotherapy: made in Israel, travels to the United States and Europe

The popularity of home therapy is rapidly gaining momentum. and in many cases it can successfully replace drugs, analgesics, antibiotics and hormonal agents. It has the advantages of ease of use, convenience, no pain and safety. In addition, these small compact devices are always at hand: to carry out treatment procedures with their help, you can literally without leaving the couch. Israeli scientists have created a number of unique devices that made a revolution in the treatment of some diseases.

Handy Cure relieves pain and inflammation

Israeli «smart device» Handy Cure («the handy Cur») affects the body as anti-inflammatory and pain reliever. The developers gave this laser magnetic unit form the handset, which is very convenient to use – you just attach it to the back if you have sciatica, elbow, shoulder, knee, if you suffer from joint pain fingers if you suffer from arthritis, etc. Handy Cure also relieves inflammation of the gums, is effective for acne and teenage acne.

Cure-EX wins nail fungus

Israel was invented and bitty Cure-EX to get rid of nail fungus. Recent clinical trials have shown that this high-tech device that resembles the shape of the linen «clothes pin» that completely defeats the fungus at an early or middle stage. 7-minute painless procedure carried out by the patient independently, save your nails from infection and return their healthy appearance.

«Vireo» tightens wound and saves from psoriasis

The device photo — therapy or «Vireo», some time ago developed by a team of staff of the Israeli Bar-Ilan University under the supervision of Professor Rachel Lubart, has the ability to heal old injuries, bedsores and trophic ulcers, as well as copes with psoriasis. «Vireo» treats skin damage three kinds of light having anti-bacterial properties and improves blood circulation in the tissue.

From Israel to America and Europe

Buy these and other devices not only in Israel but also abroad, thanks to the online store of the company «M. D. S Pharm». Residents of the USA and Europe can pay for selected goods via PayPal, using a credit card or by transferring funds from your PayPal account.

Once the order is paid, the selected unit will send by Express mail EMS. The cost of shipping is included in the price of the goods. Delivery time: 10-20 working days. Specially for foreigners on the website of the «M. D. S Pharm» are the prices of goods in dollars. Russian-speaking staff «M. D. S Pharm» give detailed advice on the phone, helping to determine the choice of instrument.

Ordering and consultation by phone or 077-2190042 on the website

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Unique appliances home physiotherapy: made in Israel, travels to the United States and Europe 21.12.2015

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