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Unmanned vehicles will be equipped with anti-virus software

In the near future it is expected a significant increase in the number cyber crimes, security-related vehicles. The next few years will be a «Golden age of automobile anti-virus and intrusion prevention systems,» writes

According to researchers from the University of Michigan (USA), cyber crime is the main issue of mass exploitation of unmanned vehicles, since once you gain access to the car, the attackers can easily arrange a traffic accident with a fatal outcome.

In this regard, it is necessary to develop and install on car computers antivirus and DLP system (from the English. Data Loss Prevention), preventing information leakage.

As noted scientists together with employees of leading IT companies and automakers are planning to develop a Single model for identification of threats – a kind of updated register of threats to unmanned vehicles, through which any malware can be studied and to develop measures to neutralize them.

According to the researchers, most modern cars are vulnerable to intrusion via the so-called «internal» protocols such as data exchange system between vehicle and owner’s key.

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Unmanned vehicles will be equipped with anti-virus software 09.01.2018

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