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«Until you kill yourself»: a pedophile blackmailed teen candid photos

38-year-old Aydin Coban, a resident of Amsterdam, was found guilty in online blackmail of hundreds of minors, reports The Sun.

An unemployed programmer, the son of immigrants from Turkey, for six years got acquainted in the Internet with teenagers, persuading them to strip in front of the camera, and then blackmailed candid photos and videos. If the victim seemed «naughty», he threatened to send her photos and videos to all her friends and acquaintances. «I’ll ruin your life, I will haunt you until you commit suicide,» said the blackmailer.

In addition, Coban systematically blackmailed homosexuals, forcing them to pay him for his silence. The money was the main income of the criminal.

Six years Koban has created 96 fake pages in the network Facebook under different names. The prosecution has presented evidence that, as a result of blackmail, committed suicide one of the victims of Coban, 15-year-old canadian Amanda Todd. Shortly before his death, she recorded a video in which she admits that because of the blackmail she can’t sleep at night, lost all my friends and respect of others.

The Dutch police in cooperation with British colleagues found the lair of Coban in Tilburg, a city in the province of North Brabant. Computer pedophile contained archive, which he carefully deposited: over 204 thousand images, 4 thousand files, with 250 names of the victims and almost 6 thousand names of their relatives and friends.

The Amsterdam court found the Coban guilty to manufacturing and distributing child pornography, fraud and blackmail against 34 girls and one man. He was sentenced to 10 years in prison.

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«Until you kill yourself»: a pedophile blackmailed teen candid photos 17.03.2017

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