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Vedomosti: half of Moscow apartment buildings that will be demolished is in good condition

An influential Russian newspaper Vedomosti has carefully studied the list of Moscow apartment buildings offered by the authorities for demolition in the framework of the program «renovation», and found that only 55% in it belong to impossible to repair Khrushchev.

Fresh information about the technical condition of houses in the public domain, but according to published reports a high degree of wear was less than ten percent of the houses from the list. Combines all of a building, intended for demolition, a convenient location, although according to officials, the houses were selected according to the technical condition and according to the requests of the residents about the relocation.

However, the deterioration of buildings was not the main selection parameter so dormitories are in poor condition, did not get there. Officer hall explained that many of these buildings are located in the departmental or private property, and those which belong to the city, live the waiting list, and to settle them «too expensive».

As for Khrushchev, where, according to the mayor of Moscow, it is impossible to do the repair, such in the list of a little more than half. The rest of the house – brick five-story building or house built on an individual project. One of the houses in the list, located at Kalanchevskaya ulitsa, 32, built in 1906, but according to the documents GBU «zhilischnik Krasnoselsky district» is like building in 1967.

Relevant information about the technical condition falling under the renovation of the homes of journalists’t been able to find since 2015, the management companies are not required to publish these data. As of the end of 2014, the depreciation is higher than 50 % was about Baruun less than 10% of the homes included in the list.

In 65% of homes wear is 40% to 50%, the rest even less. Officials explained that residents whose homes are not Khrushchev period turned out to be in the quarter Khrushchev, it is better to move along with the rest, or many years you have to actually live on the site. In favor of the demolition also provides the statement that in 15-20 years the house, which is now not considered old, will still be ruined and will turn into slums

Vedomosti: half of Moscow apartment buildings that will be demolished is in good condition

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