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Ventslova supported Vanagaite, the writer is thinking about moving to Israel

Lithuanian poet, literary critic and human rights activist Tomas Venclova spoke in support of the writer Ruta Vanagaite made in the last few days some of the controversial statements. Vanagaite – author of the book «Our», telling about the participation of Lithuanians in the Holocaust.

In particular, she stated that one of the leaders of anti-Soviet partisan movement in Lithuania, executed in 1957, Adolfas Ramanauskas-Vanagas, was a KGB agent. According to her, it could be linked to the massacres of Jews during the Holocaust.

Vanagaite touched in their speeches and the question that many Lithuanians go to work in Western Europe. «The only way to save Lithuania – if Putin following such books as mine, occupying it and close the border, we all remain in place,» she said. Subsequently, the writer explained that it was sarcasm.

«I’m not familiar with the biography of Adolf Ramanauskas-Vanaga. Perhaps some of the claims Vanagaite not true. But what is happening reminded me of the Soviet era. Opponents Vanagaite serve Putin’s propaganda is much stronger than itself», – quotes the letter Venclova newspaper Lietuvos Rytas.

«Those who violently attacks and destroys Vanagaite her book, Putin provide an invaluable source in helping him to convince the international community that Lithuania is impregnated with fascist sentiment. Don’t be useful idiots,» writes Tomas Venclova.

Publishing house Alma littera announced the termination of cooperation with Vanagaite and withdrawal of her books. «Statements of Rue Vanagaite unacceptable to us and contrary to the values of the publishing house», reads the explanation published by the publishing house.

We will add that Ruth also reported that she found a life partner. He became head of the Jerusalem office of the Centre Simon Wiesenthal Efraim Zuroff, whom she met while working on the book «Our». Zuroff, leading the fight against «revising the outcome of world war II» and «rehabilitation of Nazism» is in the Baltic countries, a highly controversial figure.

«If I leave Lithuania for the most interesting, the most electrified city in the world Jerusalem? The city where the sun always shines and primed all the guns… I will Answer with a quote from my latest book: «How much time I can spend without you, my rainy homeland? Without your heavy clouds?.. I was born in rubber boots»,» quoted Vanagaite the website Delfi.

Ventslova supported Vanagaite, the writer is thinking about moving to Israel 29.10.2017

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