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Veterinarians warn that vegetarianism is deadly for Pets

The experts came to the conclusion that the pet owners who keep them on a vegetarian diet, thus cause them irreparable damage. The lack of meat in the diet is fraught with blindness, brain damage and even death for cats and heart disease, slow muscle growth, skin problems and General lethargy for dogs

About it writes on Sunday, December 13, the British newspaper Sunday Times The.

In a note, States that sell vegetarian pet food in the United Kingdom has reached this year a record figure of 25% of the total number.

Gudrun Ravetz, Vice-President of the British Veterinary Association stated in an interview with journalists: «In the case of dogs this type of diet is theoretically possible, but very hard to calculate it correctly, and therefore the owners should get professional advice. For cats the lack of meat in the diet is so dangerous that it is better not to risk it».

Mrs. Ravitz warns that cats and dogs are very hardy animals, but after a few months of this diet, the damage to their health, it is irreversible.

Daniel Chan, Professor of critical care medicine and therapeutic nutrition at the Royal veterinary College, said: many people do not give meat to their students for ideological reasons, without taking into account scientific advice.

Veterinarians warn that vegetarianism is deadly for Pets 14.12.2015

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